What to Pack in a Small Moving Box [VIDEO]

Moving boxes come in all different  sizes, but how will you know which size is the right one for you? Knowing what to pack in each box is essential. It helps you organize efficiently when moving, especially when it’s time to unpack. To determine what size box you will need, figure out what items you are packing. We suggest putting items such as, sheet sets, tools, vases, DVDs and small decorative items in a small box.

Small Moving Box Packing Tips:

  • Use packing peanuts to fill up the extra space in the box and to cushion your belongings
  • Have packing tape and a labeling marker handy to seal and label your box
  • The U-Haul Small Boxes come with a flap lock feature to keep flaps out of the way while you load items into your box
  • These boxes come with a handle for easy lifting

If you’re still not convinced this is the right box for you, check out other moving box sizes in this playlist! Boxes come in small, medium, large and extra-large. Find all shapes and sizes to pack specific items such as a TV here.

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