How To Quickly Clean Your Apartment Once You Move Out

We’ve all been there, you’ve spent the entire day moving your belongings into your new home,  you’re tired and exhausted. The last thing you want to do is head back to your old pad and clean it. Although, if you want your deposit back from your landlord you may have to make the journey back to the old place and give it a solid clean. Here are 3 tips to make your task seem less daunting and quickly clean the entire place:

Step 1: Pre-Clean

Do you notice when you’re at a restaurant how your server always clears all the dirty plates before you leave? That’s called pre-bussing and makes cleaning the table once you leave that much easier. Let’s use that same technique when packing your belongings. When you start packing throw out every piece of garbage you see. Anything  you haven’t used in months just toss. Be sure to take the garbage out once it’s full as well. If you see a dirty counter or a spot on the walls just take care of it then and there. Procrastinating will only make the final cleaning job that much harder. You’ll be surprised by what a difference pre-cleaning makes.

Girl with vacuum cleaning her apartment

Step 2: One Room At A Time

When I clean I tend to get scatter brained and do one thing in the bedroom and then think of something to do in the kitchen and then I’m off to the bathroom to finally scrub that tub. This method will only prolong your final clean. Taking on too many tasks at once will take you further from the final goal of getting each room done. The trick is to pick one room and clean it from top to bottom, close the door and move on.

Step 3: Start From The Top

When you pick a room where do you start? For me, my natural instinct is to start picking up everything off the floors so I can  shampoo my carpets.  Best practices would be to start at the top; Get those windows, window sills and counter tops cleaned first. This way any dust that falls on the floor only has to be cleaned once instead of twice. Move from the windows to the floors and you’ll be sure to save time!

Packing and cleaning doesn’t have to always be a daunting task with the right game plan and tools. By using these three easy steps and you’re sure to quickly and efficiently clean out your old place and move on to your new home!

What tricks do you have for cleaning quickly?