Benefits of Carpooling

Benefits of Carpooling Did you know the average person spends 40 hours a year stuck in traffic? And, did you know that taking the HOV lane can cut your commute time down by as much as half? Spending half the time being stuck in the car sounds pretty enticing to me. If it does to you too, check out the benefits of carpooling below.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carpooling has a huge impact on the environment. Having fewer cars zooming around on the roads greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted into the atmosphere, ultimately resulting in better-quality air. Plus, one less car on the road reduces vehicular pollution, which has been linked to respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, allergies and neurological effects.

Save Money

Another advantage of carpooling is to share the costs associated with driving, such as fuel, maintenance, parking fees, tolls, etc., with a coworker, neighbor or friend. This can greatly reduce your driving expenses. And the more people you carpool with, the more money you save.

Benefits of Carpooling Save Time

Being stuck behind the wheel day in and day out results in a lot of wasted time, since undivided attention is needed to focus on the stop-and-go traffic. (Say NO to texting and driving!) Carpooling can allow you a break from always concentrating on the road, and maybe even allow you to get some extra work done. Or to simply relax for a bit before starting or while finishing your day.

It’s Rewarding

Many organizations offer reward programs for carpoolers. Some companies offer discounts to people who ride-share, and sometimes carpoolers receive access to special parking spots. At U-Haul, registered carpoolers may use carpool parking spaces on the roof of the parking garage when they carpool with at least one other team member.