How to Pack Your Pet Terrarium

Pet Terrariums are often large and most likely fragile. To keep it protected during your move, wrap it in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will provide cushion and protect the terrarium for scratches. Use tape to secure bubble wrap. Furniture pads will help with easy transport.

If possible, keep your pet terrarium in an enclosed box. The cardboard will act as another protective layer. Any remaining space in the box should be filled with packing peanuts or furniture pads.

packing your pet terrariumYour Pet

Packing up your reptile will take some extra work. Many owners choose to keep their snake, lizard, or other such pet in a reptile-safe travel container. Carboard boxes work well also!

Reptiles need oxygen; pack everything loosely enough for them to breath. Label the box properly so that your movers know to handle with care.

Prior to packing up your pet, have a veterinary check up done to be sure your reptile is safe for travel. Make sure your pet is properly fed before it is packed up.

packing your pet terrarium

*If you choose to keep your reptile in its pet terrarium for a smaller move, be sure to remove any objects that could shift and hurt your pet and wrap the terrarium with bubble wrap for safety.

Have you had to move with reptile before? How did you pack up its pet terrarium? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!