Apps to Use with Roommates

Living with other people will take some extra organization, especially if you are living with multiple people. There is much to keep track of. For example, rent, utilities, chores and groceries are some areas that get lost in translation. Moving arrangements will also need to be coordinated with your roommates. Most people don’t have time to worry about the little details, although often times, these details are important. There are some apps that will help roommates keep track of who paid rent, who hasn’t paid the electric bill and who took the trash out last etc. Give these apps to use with roommates a try:

apps to use with roommates

Who’s doing their chores?

HomeSlice – Feel like you’re the only one doing dishes? Use HomeSlice to make a list of what chores have or haven’t been done. This app also allows those doing chores to get recognition. HomeSlice can also be used for bills and communicating within a group.

Who owes who money?

Splitwise – Keep tabs of who hasn’t paid the electric bill or who didn’t put in for rent. Splitwise is an app that keeps track of expenses and splits the expenses for you. Use this app for calculating groceries and household items fairly.

Venmo – Use this app to send each other money easily and quickly!

How do we split the dinner bill?

Plates by Splitwise – We all have the one friend who orders cocktails with every meal or insists on ordering that one fancy appetizer that no one eats but them. In cases like these, splitting the bill evenly isn’t fair. Apps such as Plates allows a group of people to keep tally of what they ordered and calculates how much each person pays at the end.

apps to use with roommates

Who should I live with?

Roomi– Going through the process of finding a roommate is time-consuming and can be stressful. Use this app to make the search just a bit easier. You start by connecting through Facebook, then you can search for roommates by living preferences and personal interests.

 Where should we live?

Trulia – Is there a grocery store nearby? How far is it from work? Are there restaurants around? These are all factors to consider when looking for a new home. The Trulia app not only tells you when places are listed for rent or for sale but it also lets you know what the surroundings of your new home consists of.

 Do you have any advice for roommates? Tell us below!