20 Moving Day Hacks

Moving day is right around the corner and you’ve made preparations accordingly. Now that it’s getting closer and closer to moving day, keep some of these moving day hacks in mind to make the process smoother.

  1. Wrap a couple layers of moving wrap tightly around your utensil organizer with the utensils still inside. This works for make-up and accessory organizers as well!
  2. Pack spices inside a crock pot to keep them all together.
  3. Take clothes straight from your closet into this box. Leave the hanger on! moving day hacks
  4. Put cotton balls in your make-up compacts to prevent them from breaking during the move.
  5. Use moving wrap to cover shampoo bottles to prevent spillage.
  6. Use boxes with “handles” for easy lifting.
  7. Use sandwich bags for small items such as earrings or screws.
  8. Cell kits and cushion foam will keep your dishware safe during the move.moving day hacks
  9. Hire movers for extra help, especially if there is heavy furniture to be moved.
  10. Try the Purge While Packing system. Keep a donation box nearby to throw in anything you no longer want.
  11. Make up for some of those moving expenses and have a yard sale before moving day.  This will get rid of the stuff you aren’t planning on bringing to your new place.
  12. For seasonal items, use space bags to create more room. moving day hacks
  13. Use a bar of soap to fill in nail holes.
  14. Bubble wrap should be used for all fragile items such as antiques and pottery.
  15. Make your last grocery trip two weeks before your move.
  16. Start defrosting your refrigerator two weeks before your move.
  17. Use color-coded tape to easily label boxes. moving day hacks
  18. Pack an overnight bag with essentials you’ll need for the first couple days after move in.
  19. Numbering your boxes is a helpful moving day hack that will help you keep track of all your boxes.
  20. Take pictures! Taking pictures of your cleaned-out old home after moving out and your new home after moving in will help with many things, such as getting your deposit back. It also will be a way to keep moving day memories as you start a new chapter in your life.

Did we miss some moving day hacks? Let us know in the comments below!