How to Make Long Road Trips Fun

How to Make a Long Road Trip FunMoving day is here! Your moving truck is packed and now you’re ready for a long road trip. Maybe you are moving cross-country or just a few states away. I don’t know about you, but spending endless hours in a vehicle is not my idea of a good time. So, how do you make a long road trip fun? See my ideas below and try them out on your next long road trip!

Bring a Buddy

There’s nothing worse than making that long road trip alone, so why not bring some company? By bringing along a friend or family member, you will always have someone to talk to and take turns driving. Just make sure you pick someone you don’t mind spending a lot of time with… or else your long road trip may seem even longer!

Rock Out

Whether it’s a CD or a playlist on your iPod, a road trip play list is always a good idea. Combine some throwback tunes and some of your favorite new music to keep you entertained on your road trip! It’s fun to include songs about cities you may be driving through as well, like “Walking in Memphis” as you are driving through Tennessee!

Bring snacks along on your long road tripBring Snacks

Driving is bad enough, but driving while hungry is almost unbearable! Pack up a cooler and bring some tasty travel-friendly meals along! While driving a long stretch of road, you will need something to keep you going until you can stop for some healthy fast food.

Play Games

Would you rather? I spy? There are so many car games that can be played during a long road trip. You can even get creative and make up your own game to pass the time.

World's Largest Fork - Springfield, MOBe Spontaneous

Give yourself some extra time on your long road trip to stop and stretch your legs. Do some road trip exercises and visit unique landmarks along the way. Visit the world’s largest fork on your way through Springfield, Missouri, or go see the world’s largest peanut in Ashburn, Georgia. There are so many fun tourist attractions on your long road trip from here to there!


What did you do to make your long road trip fun? Share your ideas with us in the Comments Section below!