The 5 Tools You Need For Moving Day

Let’s face it; moving can be a lot of work. Boxes need to be packed, furniture needs to be moved, and then you do it all over again once the items reach your new home. With everything one has to keep in mind during a move, it can be easy to forget to grab a few things to make the experience much more simple. Here are five tools that make moving a bit more manageable, and a lot less exhausting.

1. The Screwdriver (Old Faithful)

Almost everyone owns at least a couple screwdrivers of different sizes, but don’t pack yours up until you are completely done getting furniture disassembled! Many times I don’t even pack a few select tools at all. They stay out and ready to use at all times, and I load them in the car with me. Then they are ready to be used while moving in also.

5 Tools You Need2. The Tape Gun Dispenser (Unlimited Taping Power in the Palm of Your Hand)

If you have a lot of boxes to pack, do not leave the store without buying a tape gun dispenser. Plus they come in handy outside of moving, so you will probably want to hang on to it for all your taping needs.

3. The Hammer (Stop… Hammer Time!)

Like screwdrivers, pretty much everyone has a hammer. Great for getting nails out of walls, prying things apart, and countless other tasks. Keep it handy for moving in as well.

4. The Hex Key (Hexagonal Excellence)

There is a lot of furniture that uses hex keys. I highly recommend buying a set of them in all different sizes and keeping it handy throughout your move. Plus, it is a major pain trying to keep every hex key that comes with different pieces of furniture, and trying to remember which one goes with what. Get one good set, and you won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

IMG_16865. The Box Cutter (Boxes Beware)

This goes hand in hand with the tape gun. If you are packing a lot of boxes, at some point you’re going to need to get them open as well.

Not really a tool, but still worth mentioning. Most professional movers utilize gloves while working. They cut down on blisters while moving heavy items, and protect your hands from splinters and nails in your furniture.

Can you think of any important tools we missed? Let us know in the comments!