6 Things You Don’t Need to Panic About on Moving Day

Moving day can be a stressful time, and some people are natural worriers, but DON’T PANIC! It will be alright. Here are six things that you definitely don’t need to panic about on your moving day because we have the solutions to your problems.

6 Things You Don't Need to Panic About on Moving DayBroken Dishes

No one wants to unpack in their new home only to find a bunch of broken dishes. With a Dish Saver Kit your dishes will be nice and safe. Check out this post for more information on packing your dishes.

Alien Invasion

You don’t have to worry about this, the alien mother ship isn’t scheduled to land for another couple of years anyway, so you will probably be fine on your moving day.

Abandoned by Friends

Friends? You don’t need friends! Or maybe you do, but at this point in your life do you really need your friends to help you move? Moving Help can find someone to help you pack, load, drive the truck, unload, or whatever else you might need help with on moving day.

6 Things You Don't Need to Panic About on Moving DayBad Weather

Rain can quite literally rain on your parade, but it won’t stop you from moving. These tips can help you and your stuff stay dry during your move. Is it too cold for rain? If you are moving in the frozen tundra, these tips can help you to move in the snow.

Driving the Moving Truck

Sure you can! Driving a moving truck is super easy. Here are some tips from Alison after her first time driving a moving truck. What’s that you say? You don’t have a driver’s license? There are options for you too! You can hire a Moving Helper to drive for you, or you can have a U-Box dropped off at your door then delivered to your destination.

6 Things You Don't Need to Panic About on Moving DayPirate Attack

Unless you are moving by sea off the Horn of Africa, this is an unlikely event. If you are in fact a pirate then you arrrgh in luck because we have some moving tips for pirates.

What things do you not have to worry about on your moving day? Any tips for relieving stress? Let us know in the comments below!