Emotional Preparation For Your Move

Moving is a critical time in our lives that usually brings on a wave of emotions. No matter how many times you’ve moved, you are guaranteed to get emotional some way or other, especially if you are moving to a different state. If you have children, you may even be dealing their emotions, not just your own. Here are some ways to help with the emotional preparation for your move. Fasten your seat belt for this roller coaster ride.

Plan, Plan, Plan

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Planning and organization go a long way in helping you emotionally prepare for your move.

Stress is the number one emotion when it comes to moving. So many details can lead to you feeling quite overwhelmed. There is nothing more important when it comes to moving than planning. The more time, organization and planning you contribute to your move, the less stressful it will be. Be sure to have a plan B in case plan A falls through. Check out our tips for organizing rooms and packing. Also, here are some things you can do to manage your time on moving day.

Embrace Change

New beginnings can sometimes leave you feeling uncertain about your future. Maybe you are moving to a place where you do not know a single soul. Maybe you are wondering whether your move was the right choice. This feeling won’t last long. Embrace change and be open to new things, people, and places. You can join Facebook pages for the local area so you can get a feel for the people or even have friends already lined up to meet. Also, follow local news and businesses so you are in the loop on what is happening in your new home.

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Take your time to say goodbye to close friends and family.

Saying Goodbyes

Moving away from somewhere you call home is scary. You are leaving behind the familiar places and faces for the unknown. Be sure to take your time when it comes to say your goodbyes to your friends and family. Throwing a going away party is a great way to get everyone together for a good time.

Focus on the Positive

Moving means new places and people! You never know what experiences your new surroundings will introduce you to. Start researching your new home. Find out about the history and culture. Does this new city or town offer something your previous home(s) did not? Also, start looking for your new favorite restaurants. There are many sites online where you can find information about your new home so you are well informed before you get there. If you do your research beforehand, you will have many things to look forward to.

Take Care of Yourself (and Your Family)

healthy fast food options
Staying healthy before, during, and after your move will help your body deal with your emotions.

Make sure you are eating properly and getting rest before, during and after your move.  You need to keep up your strength and energy up, not just for loading and unloading your belongings from the truck, but you will want to start exploring your new home and creating new memories. Have healthy snacks around and drink plenty of water.

Do you have any tips for dealing with emotional moves? Leave your comments below.