Storage in Seattle

storage in seattleSurrounded by both mountains and water, Seattle, Washington is known for its thriving cultural and technological advancements. Like other heavily populated cities, rent can be higher than many people may like. In that case, a storage unit might be a good way to hold onto those belongings you don’t want to toss but can’t afford to keep with you at all times.

Storage Options

If you plan on storing in Seattle, you will want tostorage in seattle reserve a space at least 2 weeks ahead due to limited availability. Quite often, people aren’t fully prepared for the moving process and have to store their goods as they continue to look for a place to live. One-way rentals receive one month of free storage so these temporary storage needs are taken advantage of quickly. With the rainy Seattle weather, climate controlled storage units are very popular to maintain the integrity of your belongings regardless of what it’s like outside. These are perfect for fragile items such as antiques or comic books. Not only do locals use the storage, but businesses such as Disney or Victoria’s Secret tend to rent out storage units for commercial purposes.

Getting around Seattle

If you’re living in Seattle, it’s quite likely you don’t own a vehicle of your own. Like most big cities, traffic in Seattle is horrendous between the locals trying to commute to work and tourists trying to visit famed locations such as the Space Needle. For that reason, most locals bike for their everyday use of transportation. Although alternative modes of transportation normally work just fine, moving your items into a storage unit difficult without a vehicle. Just as you need to plan ahead in renting out a storage unit, look at how much you need to store and plan what type of vehicle you may need to rent to bring it there. Whatever day you choose to move items into your storage unit,  give yourself plenty of time to beat the traffic you will most definitely encounter.

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