20 Things to Pack for Coachella

things to pack for coachellaMusic festival season is in full swing and it’s time to learn the basics. If you’re planning on camping out at Coachella, make sure the necessary precautions have been taken. This list of things to pack for Coachella is sure to get you prepared for the exhilarating weekend ahead:

    1. Empty Non-Metallic Water Bottle : There are several water fountains around the camp. Bring an empty water bottle to fill up while at the festival. It’s important to stay hydrated to get the most out of your Coachella experience.
    2. Map of the Camp : Stay organized and know when and where which bands are playing all around the camp. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and miss your band play while searching for them!
    3. Hand Sanitizer : Your access to clean water will be fairly limited. Hand sanitizer will keep those hands from tracking germs every where.
    4. Extra Battery Charger : Bring a mobile battery charger for your phone. Long days filled with numerous activities will drain your battery life and you don’t want to miss out on taking the perfect Coachella selfie with your favorite band in the background. Charging stations can be found all around the camp also.things to pack for coachella
    1. Sunglasses : Don’t bring your expensive Wayfarer Ray-Bans to Coachella. In the midst of musical chaos and excitement, you may lose them. Bring cheap sunglasses that you don’t mind losing to be safe!
    2. A Hat : Protect your scalp! An entire weekend out in the sun will not do wonders for your scalp. Unless you’re okay with putting sunscreen on your scalp, we suggest bringing a chic baseball cap or other hat. However, don’t be the jerk that wears a huge extravagant hat to a show. This will block the view for those behind you.
    3. A Plan : There’s a good chance you and your friends will get separated. This is a fact that goes for all music festivals. Upon arrival, designate a meeting spot for stragglers to go to when they’re lost. When you lose a friend, you will know where to go to find them.
    4. Tarp and Canopy : A traditional camping tent will trap all the heat inside which is the last thing you want when camping in a desert. Bring a canopy and a couple tarps to tie to the sides to allow optimal wind inside your camp.things to pack for coachella
    1. Comfortable Shoes : Comfortable can still be cute! First-time goers usually make the mistake of breaking out their 6-inch wedges or heels at Coachella. Yes, you will look good but you will be in too much pain to enjoy the events. Invest in some insoles and wear some chucks or better yet, sport some athletic shoes.
    2. Chapstick : No one wants chapped lips, especially at an event like Coachella.
    3. Portable Heater : The venue is in the desert, but don’t be fooled. The desert can become pretty chilly at night. Pack a long sleeve or light sweater for the night time. You can also bring a portable heater.
    4. Disposable Portable Potty Covers : It’s inevitable. You will be visiting the port-o-potty more than a couple times a day. Needless to say, paper toilet seat covers will be your best friend.
    5. Bug Spray : Pesky bug bites will take your attention away from the festivities. Avoid this by spraying yourself down with bug spray.
    6. Ladies: Bring feminine wipes, a high-spf moisturizer and hair ties.
    7. Gum and Mouthwash : Stay minty fresh all weekend long with these essentials.
    8. Sunscreen : A sunburn is never cool, literally. Lather up and protect your precious skin for the those UV rays.things to pack for coachella
  1. Dry Ice and a Sport Trailer : Coachella lasts for an entire weekend at a time. To keep your drinks cold and plentiful, transport them in a sport trailer and and add dry ice to the bottom.
  2. Storage Containers : Duffel bags and backpacks work fine but packing your items in a storage bin will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for. Keep a couple storage bins at your camp for organization.
  3. Spray Bottle : It may seem silly now but try standing and dancing out in the heat in direct sunlight for multiple hours a day. Getting dehydrated is the worst. Many festival goers bring spray bottles which they fill with water to mist themselves when it gets too hot.
  4. First-aid Kit : Accidents happen, right? Keep a first-aid kit handy for these instances.

Did we miss anything on this list of things to pack for Coachella? Let us know in the comments below!