College Moving Tips: Moving Out Timeline (INFOGRAPHIC)

Moving out of college can be stressful and usually it must be done several times during college.  Whether you are moving back to your hometown for the summer, studying abroad, moving out of the dorm, transferring to a new school or just moving into a new apartment there are many things that must be planned before the move can happen.  The college moving timeline below can be used to help keep everything organized and also help to make sure nothing is forgotten.  The timeline starts 8 weeks out and will lead all the way to moving day.  It will answer questions like, “When should I notify the utilities?” or “When should I forward my mail?”.  It also sets a time frame for packing and provides some college moving out hacks to help make the process easier.

On top of all the stress moving can bring, students also have to worry about finals and part time jobs.  To make moves easier consider College Boxes or Moving Help.  College Boxes ships the boxes to pack, will pick the boxes up once they are packed, store them over the summer and then deliver them once the summer is over.  It does not get much easier than that!  Moving Help can be hired to move the heavy items like furniture and boxes.

Using this timeline or these services will definitely give you an A+ in moving.  Hope this helps your college move go smoothly.  I cannot help you with your Macro ECON grade, however, so get studying!

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