Packing Camera Equipment

Any photographer or cinematographer understands the importance of protecting camera equipment. After all, camera gear doesn’t come cheap! If you have a camera, chances are, you also have other equipment to help you shoot properly (i.e. lenses, tripods, lighting, memory cards). Anyone with an interest in capturing moments understands that it requires a certain degree of discipline to keep camera equipment in good condition. Sometimes, this means taking the extra precautions to keep camera equipment protected and in pristine condition while moving. You may already have camera bags and backpacks for some of your camera gear but when it comes to packing camera equipment for a move, it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe. Check out some ways to do this below:

packing camera equipment

Wrap lenses in bubble wrap.

Your camera lenses are your eyes to the world. They are typically made of glass, plastic or a combination of both. To protect your lenses, always make sure you have a lens cap and end cap on each lens before packing. Then, wrap the entire lens with two or three layers of bubble wrap. Use tape to secure.

Use movers wrap for tripods.

Tripods are made from all types of materials, wood, plastic, aluminum or carbon fiber. Although, good camera equipment is made to withstand wear and tear, it’s nice to keep them protected during your move. Your tripod is your camera’s best friend, protect it from outside dirt and avoid dents by wrapping tripods in mover’s wrap.

packing camera equipment

Use foam pouches for filters and other smaller items.

ND filters protect your camera sensor from the sun. Protect your filters and other smaller items by packing them in foam pouches. Foam pouches will provide the extra cushion when packing camera equipment. For smaller items such as SD cards, CF cards and quick plates, put them in a Ziploc bag so they don’t get lost. Losing memory cards is the equivalent to losing pieces of your past!


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