Environmental Life Hacks

You don’t have to be a tree-hugging activist to make a difference in your environment. Everyone on this planet holds the key to a cleaner future if only they would choose to change little habits throughout their day. If you haven’t joined the “green” train yet, what better time to start than on this year’s World Environment Day. Here is a list of environmental life hacks that will make your life and Mother Nature’s life more sustainable:

Reusable Bags & Bottles

Whether you are going shopping or buying produce, use a reusable bag. States such as California have already banned plastic bags and in countries such as South Africa you have to pay extra at stores for plastic bags. Keep one in your car or purse so that you don’t forget! Carrying around a reusable water bottle will make it easy for you to stay hydrated as well.

environmental life hacks

Shop Online

Believe it or not shopping online helps the environment. These days you can buy anything from moving supplies to trendy clothes to Christmas gifts with the click of a mouse! By doing this you are cutting down on carbon emissions that you would spewing if you drove all the way to the mall for a shirt. Who knew going green would be so easy?


Recycling is easy whether you are gardening with recycled moving supplies or creating temporary insulation for your home with bubble wrap from your recent move.

Water Wisely

Whether you have a few succulents on your apartment balcony or a massive yard, water your plants either at dawn or dusk to avoid immediate evaporation and conserve water. I don’t know if you have heard but there is a drought going on…

Meatless Mondays

Did you know that cows emit methane gas every time they pass gas? No one is asking you to go vegan but you can help the environment by reducing the amount of meat you eat or substituting at least one day of the week with protein alternatives such as beans, tofu or even spinach. Not eating a surplus of red meat will keep you healthier; the recommended portion size for meat is the size of a deck of cards!

Drive Less

This is a given; you are cutting back on pollution. Carpool to work with a buddy, ride your bike if you live nearby or take public transit on certain days of the week. Look at your car as a luxury (which in some countries it still is). This will not only save the environment, it will also save you money!

Be Involved

Want to make a large-scale difference? Get involved in the decision-making process! Your local government controls the laws. Vote yes on a plastic bag ban! Vote no on off-shore oil drilling (may I remind you of the recent oil spill in Santa Barbara)! Support city recycling programs .Use your voice and exercise your rights as a citizen of your country and of the world.

Vampire Appliances

When you aren’t home, make sure to unplug appliances that you don’t need. Believe it or not, some of these appliances may be sucking out energy even when they are off or in standby mode. A flat screen can cost you up to $160 extra a year by consuming electricity when off! Examples of “Vampire Appliances”: video game consoles, cellphone chargers, computers, toasters, microwaves and more.

environmental life hacks

Unplug Yourself

Those who spend more time outdoors are not only generally more happy and healthy, they also grow a deeper appreciation for nature. The average American watches about 1,700 hours of tv per year! So unplug and unwind more.

Be a part of the change. Do you have ideas for environmental life hacks? Let us know in the comments below!