Tips on Moving your Bicycle

Tips on Moving your Bicycle 02So you’ve invested in a bicycle. Congratulations! Whether it’s a serious new hobby, an alternative mode of transportation, or just a leisurely way of staying active, there are some responsibilities that come with owning a bicycle. It can also get quite tricky when you have to move a bicycle from one place to another. So, here are some tips on moving your bicycle.

Clean it First

If you’re going to put your bicycle inside a moving vantruck, or on a trailer together with furniture and your other belongings, it goes without saying that you need to clean it properly first. Just make sure there’s no dried up mud or dirt on it when you load it up together with your other stuff. If you don’t have the time or the space to thoroughly clean your bicycle before your move, wrapping it in plastic will prevent stains from going to your other things. An easier way to do this would be to detach the tires first the components separately.

Secure it

If you’re going to keep the wheels on during your move, you will want to secure it tightly against the wall of the van or the truck or the side of the trailer. It is not advisable to simply prop it up against a piece of furniture because you never know how things will shift when you’re moving. These elastic straps or rope could do the trick.

Tips on Moving Your Bicycle 02Rack Em Up!

Another option would be to just bring it with your car. Again, if you are able to clean your bicycle, you can detach the wheels and load them in your car. If not, it will have to be attached outside the vehicle. For this option, you will need a bike rack of some sort. There are many to choose from depending on how many bicycles you need to transport. For extra security, it would be better if you used a support strap.

There you go! Biking is a pretty enjoyable activity. These three quick tips on moving your bicycle will allow you to transport them properly and without any hassles.

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