Moving to Victoria

Moving to Victoria

So you’re considering a move to Victoria, British Columbia? Before you pack the truck you should get a general idea of what to expect when you get there. We’ve compiled a few tips we believe will help get you started. Where should we start? Well first of all, it’s a little bit cold there.


We have to admit it isn’t the absolute coldest place in the world, but if you are coming from a place like Arizona or California you should wear an extra layer… or four. The best time to move if you’re used to warmer weather would be between June and September when the average temperate is in the 60 degree Fahrenheit range. If you like it a bit cooler than that when you’re moving then any other time of the year will do.


One thing I always recommend is getting an idea of what jobs are in high demand in the location you want to move. Right now British Columbia in general has a large amount of job postings for cooks, accountants, administrative assistants, retail sales people, and carpenters. This is only a short list, and if you’d like more info on what’s available you should check out one of the many job sites the internet has to offer.

History & Culture

Victoria’s history is pretty incredible, so if you’re moving there you will definitely want to get a better understanding of the city’s past. Fort Victoria was built in 1843 by European settlers and is now much more than a fort; it is the heart of Victoria’s “Old Town”. The Parliament Building is also incredibly beautiful and was built all the way back in the late 1800’s. For a pretty cool brief overview of it’s history we recommend checking out

Are you a Victoria expert who thinks we’ve missed something important? Let us know in the comments!