Moving to Kitchener

Jun 17, 2015

Moving to KitchenerKitchener, Ontario is home to over 219,000 people.  The neighboring cities of Cambridge and Waterloo complete the metropolitan area, making the metropolis the fourth largest in Ontario.  These three cities are known as the “Tri-Cities”.

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Kitchener is known for a robust art scene offering intimate performances, contemporary galleries, and festivals. Oktoberfest is very popular in Kitchener with a festival lasting nine days.  Waterloo also adds to the nearby art scene with theatre, music and cultural events.  Sign up for the city’s newsletter to stay informed of the events happening locally.

There is no shortage of parks or natural space in Kitchener.  There are over 1600 hectares of parkland including; 75 natural areas and 220 parks.  If you like to get out there and be one with nature there are 125 kilometers of trails to do that as well. Visit the city’s website to learn more about Kitchener.


Kitchener is a wet climate with large seasonal differences.  In the summer it is warm and humid and the winter is very cold.

Average Temperatures
Fahrenheit High Fahrenheit Low Celsius High Celsius Low
Winter 29 16 -1 -9
Spring 52 33 11 0
Summer 77 55 25 13
Fall 56 38 19 8


For years Kitchener has been thought of as a manufacturing city.  Although manufacturing still plays a vital role in the job market and economy the city has diversified its economy.  They are also thriving in finance, insurance, digital media and the health science industry.

kitchener pic 1Worst Months to Move

Most months are comfortable for moving to Kitchener, but there are some months to avoid.  July is the hottest month and can be uncomfortable to move.  January is the coldest month making it a hard month to move.  It is also advisable to avoid moving in October during the Oktoberfest as the city becomes busy and can make traffic a pain.  Every other month is a good month to move.  If you have to move during one of these months or just want the most comfortable move possible, consider hiring Moving Help® and they will help you load and unload your truck or trailer.  If you need storage until you get settled or to store seasonal items after your move, find the nearestself-storage here.

Kitchener is a great city with a lot to offer.  What is your favorite thing about living or visiting Kitchener?

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