Top 5 Cities for Fishing

Fishing means being surrounded by the whisper of a line being cast into the open waters, the splash when the hook hits the water, serene scenery with towering mountain ranges and deep thick woods. But most of all, it means a different experience for each angler. From the laid back, cast a line and wait fishermen to those that brave the open seas to sport fishing, there is a fishing destination for everyone.

Top cities for fishing - Miami
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Miami: Gateway to Everything
Miami offers the widest variety of salt- and freshwater angling opportunities in America. Add to that the unique blend of traditions, styles, trends, and cultures that flavor the South Florida fishing scene, and it’s easy to stake a claim for Miami as the premier urban fishing destination. Anglers can enjoy the many varieties of fishing on the beautiful Miami skyline.

Saltwater is only half the story. To the west, Miami opens onto one of the most alluring freshwater fishing regions in the country. From Lake Okeechobee to Everglades National Park, anglers can find stellar fishing for trophy bass, panfish, and a host of other species.

Top cities for fishing - San Diego
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San Diego: The Sport Fishing Capital
One of the largest sport fishing fleets in the world is based here, near the most prolific tuna and bill fish waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Fun Fact: The first plastic worm was created in San Diego in 1949 by Nick and Cosma Creme. The couple created the first plastic worms by melting plastic on their kitchen stove and pouring it into worm-shaped molds.

The real action unfolds away from the sea, as many of the fattest large mouth bass and pan fish ever recorded have been caught in area reservoirs.

Top 5 cities for fishing - Seattle
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Seattle: Salmon City
Seattle, home to the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market. Although the steel head runs aren’t what they once were, there is still plenty of salt- and freshwater action within a relatively short driving distance of downtown.

Seattle offers 2,500 miles of shoreline with an average dept of 450 feet. If you’re a salmon lover, there are also 8 different species of salmon that live or span in the over 10,00 rivers and streams that feed the shores.


Top 5 cities for fishing - Missoula
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Missoula, Mont.: The Town that Popularized Fly Fishing
Any serious connoisseur of fly fishing understands that the Missoula and the surrounding area was the inspiration behind the modern fly fishing movement. The lure (no pun intended), of course, starts with the big, wild, and majestic rivers there: the Clark Fork which runs through town, the Bitterroot, the Big Blackfoot, and Rock Creek are all a short drive away.

This community is home to the University of Montana and a regional headquarters for the U.S. Forest Service, as well as a large group of retail and specialty businesses all focused on the great outdoors. Aside from fishing, the hunting, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing options to be found here are all world-class. The climate is much milder and more comfortable than one might expect. If you’re one who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, Missoula is a must visit.

Top 5 Cities for Fishing - New Orleans
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New Orleans: Land of the Giants
Despite the damage done to the city by Hurricane Katrina, there are still more places to find large mouth bass within close proximity of New Orleans than almost anywhere else else in the country.

Nicknamed the Land of the Giants, alders will find an abundance of big redfish, black drum, speckled trout, tarpon, snappers and catfish. Also, Louisiana’s fishing industry accounts for 25% of all seafood landed in the U.S. with more than 6,000 vessels moving through New Orleans annually.

After your fishing trip you may decide to have a few lucky fish head back home with you. Make sure you have the right supplies to grill up that snapper, trout or prized catfish.

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