Preparing to Move by Airplane

e_walk (Flickr Creative Commons)
e_walk (Flickr Creative Commons)

Depending on the kind of move you’re making, sometimes cars and trucks aren’t necessary. For instance, if you’re moving to a far-away city where having car won’t be necessary, or if you’re only making a temporary more, say for school, study abroad or a short-term job or internship. In these situations, moving by plane can be an easy and cost-efficient alternative. Although it can require a lot of planning, here are some tips to help make it as simple possible.


Preparing to Move by Airplane
Matt Biddulph (Flickr Creative Commons)

When moving by airplane, it’s important to find a balance between packing light and packing everything you think you might want or need. Although airlines will let you check multiple suitcases and bring two carry-on items, remember that you have to carry everything you bring with you.

The key to packing your suitcases well is not only prioritizing what you’re bringing, but making sure it is organized in the most compact way. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them and packing them in compression bags can save an incredible amount of space. Also, making sure you place valuable or fragile items in between softer items to cushion them.


Preparing to Move by AirplaneIf there are smaller items that you want to bring with you, but would be difficult to pack and take on the plane, such as heavier clothes, kitchen items or pillows and comforters, you can have them shipped to your new home. Collegeboxes makes shipping as easy as possible and even offers international shipping for students studying abroad.

If you need to ship larger items such as furniture and other household essentials, U-Box portable containers are a good way to go. One container can fit an entire studio apartment, and you can rent as many as you need. The containers also be stored if you won’t need the contents immediately.


If you are only moving temporarily and have furniture and belongings you won’t need during your stay, self-storage in an easy solution. In addition to shipping, Collegeboxes also offers students summer- and semester-long storage.

If you’ll eventually be returning to the same city, you can find local self-storage options at many U-Haul locations. U-Box containers are also great for short-term storage. Plus, if you end up moving somewhere new after your temporary stay, U-Box containers can be shipped and stored almost anywhere.

Preparing to Move by Airplane
Nicola (Flickr Creative Commons)

While there is a lot to think about as you prepare for moving by airplane, just remember to keep it simple. Avoid having to lug around several large suitcases by only bringing things you’ll absolutely need with you on the plane, and either shipping or storing the rest. This will not only make your trip less stressful, but you won’t have to worry about your belongings while you’re gone. And if it’s only a temporary move, re-packing and moving again at the end will be even easier.

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