6 Tips for Adjusting to an Empty Nest

When kids move on to college, it can be hard for parents to redefine themselves or adjust to living without their kids in the home.  It can be an emotional time for parents and the kids.  Below are six tips for adjusting to an empty nest.

Ship and store for college students1. Plan Ahead

Get involved with the moving experience. Help your kids move to college or help to plan the move.  This will help you focus on the positive and the new experiences and lessons your child will be learning.  If your child is going to school far away consider Collegeboxes for easy ship to school options for their things.  Make sure to make time to plan ahead for the things you would like to do once they are at school as well.

2. Stay in Touch

Stay in touch with weekly calls and visits to the school.  This is also important for you and your child.  Parents sometimes feel that when kids go to school the connection they have is gone as well, but this is not the case.  Your child may need you more than ever and hearing about their experiences can only strengthen your bond.  They will also enjoy hearing about the new things you are doing.

3. Reconnect

Find ways to reconnect with your significant other.  With the kids out of the house you can now bring back regular date nights and start new hobbies together like cooking classes or dancing.  It is also a great time to catch up with other parents that have sent their kids to college as well.

6 Tips for Adjusting to an Empty Nest4. Exercise

Get healthy!  Start exercising and feeling good.  After all this time spent on your kids, you can now spend more time on yourself again.  Exercising will also help with any depression or sadness from your kids moving out by raising those endorphins.

5. Try New Things

Remember all those things you said you would do someday? Someday is here!  Start those new hobbies, travel or join a meetup group with similar interests.

6. Use the Extra Space

Chances are you now have an extra room.  Some parents like to keep their kids’ rooms the way they were left.  If you have no need to keep the room ready for them go ahead and put their things in storage and transform the room into a living space you’ve always wanted.  Suggested spaces include a guest suite, theater room, man cave, craft room, home gym, yoga room, large walk-in closet or a reading room.  Maybe it’s an extra loft space that your kids have left. Here are some tips on how to transform your loft space!

With your children out of you house make your home and your time your own.  What tips for adjusting to an empty nest do you have?

Flickr:recoverling/via cc