How to Plan a Renovation

DIY RenoIf you are a homeowner (or even if you’re not), I’m sure at some point you have spent countless weekends on the couch watching DIY marathons of people buying homes and then throwing on safety goggles and karate kicking through drywall to fix them up. You may then start thinking about all the things you would love to do to your home to make it work better for you. But where do you start? There’s nothing more satisfying than having an idea, executing it, and watching it become a reality – but how? If you’ve decided to enter into the world of DIY Renovation, make sure you first follow these steps below.

Have a Plan

Have you ever walked into a grocery store with no aisles or signs? Probably not because without those items, there would be complete chaos causing the salmon fillets to be sitting on a shelf next to the peanut butter. Instead, it’s important to always have a map or plan for every project you do. Just as every grocery store has a layout, you should create a layout for your renovation.DIY Reno

  1. Create a layout or plan of what you would like renovated. Take into consideration measurements and manpower to get a job done.
  2. List the tools and materials you’ll need to complete the job. Trust me, back to back supply runs get old fast. It’s better to be prepared from the very beginning.
  3. If the supplies you need are large and heavy, you might opt to rent a pickup truck for easier transport.
  4. Research to see if you can find any tips from other DIYers who have renovated something similar. I’ve found that Pinterest can also be a huge idea box for all kinds of different projects.

DIY RenoGet Creative

Renovations can get pretty pricey and blow through budgets without proper planning. Make sure to work a budget into your plan to keep more green in your wallet. This will also allow you to keep to a stress-free (well maybe a semi stress-free) reno.

    1. Be thrifty! Check out various home improvement reuse stores to find your materials. Habitat for Humanity has locations all over the country and proceeds are used to build homes, community, and hope locally and around the world!
    2. Consider your alternatives. For our home office reno, we really wanted hardwood floors but opted to go with laminate floors that looked and felt like the real thing. The best thing is, they were more than half the cost!
    3. Work with a design that will work with your budget. If you found some hardwood floors that have you feeling love at first sight try a laminate wood floor instead. These days it’s hard to tell the difference.

Keep Your Eye on the PrizeDlY Reno

  1. Timelines are good to have to make sure you stay on schedule with your reno. If you are a weekend warrior like me, set weekend goals to keep yourself on schedule.
  2. Renovations are hard work. Prepared to get dirty and get a few bumps and bruises along the way. It will all be worth it in the end!
  3. And finally, allow for some wiggle room in your budget because sometimes things come up unexpectedly. Be flexible to allow yourself to adapt to your reno. Ask for help when needed too!

And finally, enjoy! Be proud and enjoy your new space. That’s what we call sweat equity you renovation warrior, you!

Do you have any reservation stories you’d like to share? Successes? Failures? Let us know in the comments below!