How to Choose Between Space and Location

One of the hardest decisions many people face when deciding on their next home is whether to pick a place is the decision between space and location. While both options have their advantages and drawbacks, ultimately you have to pick which is right for your personal situation. So, where will you move next and how do you choose? Read on for my advice on how to pick between space and location.

Space and LocationSpace…

Typically the more spacious apartments or houses are found in the suburbs or further out from the center of the city. In the city, you will be paying significantly more for less space. While it may mean a longer commute to work or to the nearest store, choosing space over location gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to decorating and storage options.


Whether it’s in a downtown area or just in a particular neighborhood that you love, choosing location over space allows you to live where you want to be. Typically when you choose location you are left with smaller space than you originally wanted. This will test your creativity and your ability to live with the “less is more” mentality. If you live in a smaller place, self-storage is a helpful solution.  Self-storage allows you to store seasonal items instead of having them take up room in your already small space.  There are lots of tips available for loft living,  small space living and small apartment storage if you end up picking location over space.Space and Location

Or, find a compromise….

In some areas, you are able to choose space and location! Maybe you aren’t located right next to work or your favorite store, but it is possible to find a place that is nearby. You can also find an area just outside the city and not quite in the heart of the suburbs. This will usually give you more space than city living but you won’t sacrifice location.

Did you have to decide between space and location on your last move? How did you decide? Let us know in the Comments section below!