Tips for Loft Living

There’s nothing like that open space of living. It’s a cool, urban option that everyone should try! To make the most of living in a loft, you’ll have to be conscientious of furniture, storage and decorating! Here are some tips to make loft living work:

Tips for Loft LivingLess is More

Be mindful of how much stuff you have. If you want your space to look nice and clean, evaluate the items you have and what’s really important to have in your loft. This post can be a good starting point to discern what to keep vs. toss. To cut down on space, think seasonal. You can store your winter clothes in the summer and vice versa. Think of the size bed, dining table, and couch you have. It’s not realistic to bring oversized furniture when you have a loft. Some sacrifices have to be made- even a smaller bed!

Storage, Storage, Storage

There is a trade-off to having a trendy place and storage! Think of traditional storage you would have in a standard apartment: closets, walk-in closets, coat closets, spare rooms, built-in shelving, cabinets, etc. When you’re selecting furniture- mainly shelving, go big! Get the wall units that take over an entire wall or ones that have cubbies with canvas bins to store odds and ends.  Most lofts have duel levels and high ceilings. Use this to your advantage and build upward with creative, out-of-the-box shelving. You can also opt for stand-alone clothing racks if you don’t have enough closet space if you have a closet at all.

Get Creative

Be picky when you choose storage/shelving. You can opt for ottoman’s that act as both storage and seating. Be mindful of the furniture you have or purchase. Because everything is open and spacious, you want to make sure everything meshes well. Things can get busy or even tacky quickly! It is fun, however, to be able to mix and match and let your funky side show; just be careful how you do it! There’s a tip, too, for creating “rooms” within your open space. This blog post recommends using rugs as room separators. You have to be mindful, as well, when decorating your loft. Things that worked before aren’t going to work here. Again, take advantage of those high ceilings and wall space. You can make a picture collage for one big wall- it’s a way to incorporate the pictures, posters, and signs you may have had spread around your larger home.

Loft Living 2

More Tips

If you and a roommate or roommates share a loft apartment, know that open spaces mean it will be noisy, most of the time!  Just because you don’t have a traditional space (big living room, dining room, etc.) doesn’t mean you can’t entertain guests! One of the biggest hurdles I’ve found is seating! You definitely have to get creative for seating some times. This is where those multi-use storage pieces come in handy! Pulling out an ottoman to double as a seat can be a save. When you’re entertaining,  take advantage of the open areas- you can cook and entertain and at the same time without the hassle of a wall to block you. Those high ceilings are great- and they bring that coveted natural light look. Be aware that the extra light can mean higher heating and cooling costs in winter or summer. You may want to cover your windows with drapes or blinds to keep things cooler in the summer.

Have you lived in a loft? Share any tips or tricks with us in the comment section below!