How do you find and rent a storage unit?

find and rent a storage unit
The boxes are packed, the truck is loaded and your belongings are being taken into your new home. As you begin to unpack and arrange rooms, you realize there are things that you want to keep but are not an immediate need to be kept in sight. Maybe your new home doesn’t have enough closet/storage space and you need to declutter. So, how do you go about keeping your belongings, but not have your home look like a shipping center? One way to make room is to rent out a storage unit. Even after just having moved and spending money to rent out the moving equipment, how do you find AND rent a storage unit? We can help and have a few tips to make the process easier!

U-Haul Storage center
How do you find and rent a storage unit? We can help!

1. What city are you moving to?

As you begin to plan out your move and decide to select either a moving truck or pulling a trailer, one way to be able to find a storage unit is by determining which storage location is closest to you. This will help find out which location will have the available storage room for your belongings.

2. What size will you need?

By finding out which location will help with the beginning process of your storage unit. Once you figure out where you will be storing your belongings, you can then find out what size you will need. Your local storage centers can offer up to 5 various room sizes 5′ x 5′ x 8′-10′ x 25′ x 8′.

3. Reserving your unit

You can start reserving your storage unit by contacting your local center directly, the national phone number or you can go online as well.

A plus for having just moved is if you have completed a One-Way move, being able to pick up and return to a different location, you may be entitled to 1 month free of storage!

If you needed to find a storage unit, how did you find and rent your unit? Share in the comments section below.