Kitchen Storage Solutions

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If you’re anything like me, then you have way more kitchen supplies than you probably need. This is made even more troublesome while confined to small living space such as an apartment. Between the pots, pans, waffle iron, dishes, silverware, cutting boards, crock pot, baking pans, and everything else that you’re expected to store in your kitchen, finding space for it all can feel almost impossible. With these kitchen storage solutions, you can easily get one more room in your home organized.


The easiest thing to do before getting your kitchen cleaned up is to go through everything you have and separate things by categories. To avoid creating more of a mess as you attempt to de-clutter, you may want to consider temporarily using boxes to contain these new categories. I like to keep my spices in one area, sauces in another, dishes somewhere else, etc. This is also a great time to assess what you have compared to what you use. Throw out any duplicates or expired food items. If you have certain dishes or kitchen appliances that are never used and you don’t have space for, consider packing them away in a storage unit until you find a larger space.

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Maximize Space

Even if you have a fairly small kitchen, there are always ways to maximize the little spaces you have available in order to create kitchen storage solutions.

  • Make Use of Your Walls — If you’ve run out of shelves to store things on… add more shelves! This can easily be done using adhesive hooks or wall tape if you don’t want to damage your walls with nails. Small baskets make perfect DIY shelves for items seasonings.
  • Use Inside of Cabinet Drawers — The inside of cabinet drawers a perfect place to use pins to store sandwich bags or create rolls for a stretch wrap or foil using adhesive hooks.
  • Hang Pots and Pans — Not only do hanging racks for your pots look visually appealing, but they also make use of that space in the air otherwise ignored. Pots and pans as some of the larger kitchen supplies out there and will take up a larger portion of drawer or cabinet space. This opens up these compartments to be used for other appliances you may have such as your crock pot or blender.
  • Stack Up — Within your cabinets, stackable shelves allow you to separate items more easily and add some additional space. This can be used under the sink for any cleaning supplies, as a way to separate bowls and plates within the same shelf or to more easily pile the food you have in your cabinet. I also like to stack appliances on my kitchen counter. Because my toaster oven has a flat surface, I keep my waffle iron on top of it while it is not being used. Similarly, I keep spare kitchen towels and my roommate’s protein powders on top of our refrigerator.
  • Store Food in Bins — Keeping food in plastic bins will not only keep things fresher longer, but will also make it easier to stack items in your pantry. Bins are also a great way to categorize certain foods together and make it easier when you are looking for something specific later on.
  • Use Organizers  — Designate a junk drawer to organize items such as silverware, tongs, and other similar kitchen supplies. For anything that doesn’t fit in your drawer, use a decorative jar and fill it with spatulas, ice cream scoops, or any other miscellaneous items.

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Pack Up

If you need more space for any reason, use these tips on how to pack your kitchen and invest in a storage unit. What could be a better kitchen storage solution that additional storage space? With a climate controlled unit any kitchenware will be safe from damage and you have 24/hr access to all of your belongings. This is perfect for any of the finer china you may have but never have an occasion to take them out for or any seasonal dishes.

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Do you have any kitchen storage solutions? Share in the comments below!