5 Tips for Enjoying Your Backyard in Autumn

Just because it’s starting to get a little chillier outside doesn’t mean that you should take your backyard for granted. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year as the leaves start to change color and fall fashion comes back around. So throw on that scarf and embrace autumn with these 5 tips for enjoying your backyard.

1) Use a Heater

As much as you bundle up, nothing beats that cozy feeling of a fire or a heater on your back on a cold 5 tips for enjoying backyard in autumnnight. Set up a portable propane heater near a seating area so that you and any guests can comfortably sit outside and talk or eat some backyard BBQ. This brings us to our next tip:

2) Grill!

Just because Summer is over doesn’t mean that grilling season has to. Try grilling your favorite traditional items such as chicken or a seasonal favorite like butternut squash. Because it gets darker earlier in the fall, make sure to keep your grill area well lit with a grill light or by stringing lights around your backyard.

3) Set up Backyard Games

My favorite thing to do in my backyard growing up was to play games with my friends or family. Bag toss is always a classic. Touch football is also a seasonal favorite around Thanksgiving. Outdoor games are an easy way to bring some energy and atmosphere to a backyard event as well as warm people up with movement.

4) Keep Insects Away

Nothing kills the mood of being outside faster than bugs. Whether it’s flies getting all over your food or insects biting you as you try to enjoy the open air, bugs can be huge pests. Protect any food that you bring to the backyard with you by using a food tent. For the little biters, wear clothing that covers you up as protection or look into a bug repellent.

5) Secure Your Tank

Propane safety is always something you should take into account when using gas-powered items such as your heater or grill. Even when the tank is not being used, it should be secured in an upright position. Make sure that no matter who is running around the backyard that your propane tank will stay safe by securing it with an EZGO Propane Tank Holder and Stabilizer.

What your favorite thing to do in your backyard during the Fall? Share in the comments below!