What to Know About Your Moving Help Providers

Moving to a new house, apartment or condo is an exciting event. You have a new city to explore, a new home to decorate and maybe even enjoy that new furniture smell. However, all of that excitement can quickly be ruined if you are caught blinded by your moving labor. Do your research beforehand, because there are a lot of great Moving Help Providers out there. Here are a few crucial elements to consider when choosing what professional moving laborers are right for you.

How to choose your moving helpers

Pricing options

Before you book professional movers, be sure to know how they are charging you. By establishing an estimated cost in the beginning, you won’t be surprised when you receive your bill. Some moving helpers charge hourly, per service or even by the number of helpers required. A good way to get an estimate is to request an in-home quote. Once you book a mover, be sure to get their contact information, just in case you have any disputes.

Services provided

Once you know how the moving helpers charge, find out what services they offer. Moving Help Providers can provide a variety of services, ranging from packing and unpacking, to loading and unloading. Some companies will even provide maid services and home cleaning. Choose moving helpers that are able to fit your needs.

Time frame

Estimating how long a move will take can be a tricky business. However, professional movers are familiar with the territory and should be able to provide a fairly accurate estimation. Allowing your helpers to see how much stuff you have will be the best way to get a precise figure. Keep in mind, professional helpers will be able to move your stuff much quicker than you and your friends.


Allowing a stranger into your home to pack all of your belongings can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Do some background research on your potential movers to ensure that they are background checked and/or BBB accredited. Knowing your movers’ credentials can be a simple way to provide peace of mind.


Aside from your professional movers being safe and accredited, you’ll want to make sure they are actually good at what they do. Checking customer reviews on different platforms is an essential part of the process. Look at their website, Yelp! and other moving help review sites. Finding current, up-to-date reviews is an easy way to assess their abilities before you hire them.

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