Tips for Planning a Last Minute Move

last minute moveLife can be unpredictable and it seems like the only constant in life is change. From growing families to new jobs, and overall changes in life you may end up having to move with less time that you may have liked. Moving is stressful enough. But moving in a time crunch can prove to be stress all its own. So, we’ve included the tips below to help make your last minute move more manageable.

Time is of the EssenceTime is of the essence.

For most of us, packing your entire home on a short time frame would prove to be a large feat. In this situation it’s okay to seek help… actually, if you plan on keeping your sanity, it’s ideal to seek help! It’s common for people to reserve trucks, trailers and moving helpers far in advance. With the large number of movers available on, it may not be as difficult as you think to find your moving heroes. On you can search and connect with local movers and even read customer reviews to find the right and available movers for you.

last minute moveBreathe. It’s going to be alright.

When moving in a hurry, it’s easy to take a look at all your “stuff” and get overwhelmed. The trick is just to dive in. Run to your nearest store and load up on packing supplies you’ll need to get started. Various sized boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. will come in handy when packing on the fly. Once you bring all your supplies back home begin packing. Focus on one area in one room at a time and you’ll eventually work yourself into a rhythm. Don’t forget a marker to label your boxes. Label the boxes with what room they came from and include particular items that are inside the box. This will not only help you easily identify your items but also help movers load and unload your items more efficiently.

Keep v DonateKeep vs. Donate

Another great way to save time on your last minute move is to determine what you really need. Now is the perfect time to decide if you really need that box of 10 year old clothes that you’ll probably never wear again. Or maybe you have some furniture that you’ve been meaning to replace but just haven’t had the will to. By deciding to donate these items not only will you be saving room in the moving truck, but you’ll be saving the time it takes to pack, load and unload these items. Plus, with re-use centers like these, your gently used unwanted items will provide a redistribution network instead of ending up in a landfill.  These re-use centers are helping cities across North America move towards their zero waste goals.

Your last minute move doesn’t have to be as stressful as most would think. Just take a moment to breathe and then jump right in. You can also check out other ways to help your move go by quickly by checking out our Moving Day Playlist here and other fun things to do along the way here.

Do you have any last minute moving tips? Please share in the comments below