Uses for Space Bags

Nothing fills moving boxes faster than towels, linens, and blankets. They add bulk to your move and can exhaust space. Did you know that you can move and transport the same items using a fraction of the room? When it comes to moving supplies, space bags are a must-have! They allow you to pack, move, and unpack more efficiently. Conserving space is not the only plus– the air proof and waterproof bags are reusable! The benefits of space bags outweigh the bulk, so start saving space now!

Space bags are available in different sizes to meet your moving and travel needs– Medium, Large, Extra Large, or Jumbo Bag. With the help of a vacuum, you can remove the air from your space bag and conserve up to 75% of the original room occupied. It’s simple! First, fill the bag with your garment or linens. Then use the double zipper to secure your space bag. Lastly, place the vacuum hose into the vacuum valve to take out the air and bulk out! Find out how you can utilize this necessity during your move or travel.

Packing with space bags

Work smarter, not harder during your move. Nothing is smarter than maximizing space and reducing the energy spent packing and unpacking. Just think– more space equals less moving boxes and fewer trips in your moving van.

Storing with space bags

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. Winter coats are not needed in spring, and raincoats are not needed in summer, so there is no better way to free up some space in your closet than storing seasonal clothing. Keeping your garments compact will help keep your storage unit organized and accessible.

Traveling with space bags

We all know that traveling can be expensive, and nothing is more expensive than checking extra bags. If you have a tendency to overpack, do not let overweight fees and extra bag charges cramp your style. Avoid being a bag lady at the airport by efficiently packing one suitcase with space bags.

Uses for Space Bags

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