How to Move or Ship Your Bike

How to Move and Ship your Bike
Shipping or moving a bike across the country can be a real struggle. And if you don’t have a bike rack or a large vehicle to transport, it’s even more difficult. Thankfully, there are alternative methods for safely moving and shipping your bike. Here are three ways that you can easily have your bike relocated to your new destination!

Snail mail

Shipping via snail mail is one option when attempting to transport your bike. Whatever the relocation reason, it helps to know the most cost-effective method. For an inexpensive bike, there is no reason to pay a professional bicycle shop for packing and shipping; instead, try partially disassembling the bike and shipping the bike in a smaller box on your own. Steps to shipping the bike include:

  1. Find a box
  2. Calculate shipping costs
  3. Disassemble the seat and handlebars
  4. Pack and tape the box
  5. Send

When you arrive at your destination make sure to pick up your item either at your local post office or new address. If you time out the shipping and delivery dates properly then pick up should go smoothly.

U-Box container for moving and storage - ship your bikePortable storage

Portable storage containers are a great way to store, move or ship your items cross-country. This method is especially fitting for young, urban couples looking for a convenient metro move. When shipping your bike, skis, or snowboard, portable storage allows for packed boxes and plastic containers to be safely stowed away in a climate-controlled storage cube. Some services even allow customers to request moving help for the transportation of your items.

Self-service moving trucks

Last but not least, DIY moves are the most convenient and safe way to relocate, especially if you own a lot of biking or outdoor equipment along with your regular moving items. Trucks vary in size, which makes it convenient to choose the size you need and pack all of your belongings into one vehicle, on your time table. What does this mean for you and your family? Peace of mind that your move will go as planned and your expensive outdoor equipment will remain unharmed.

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