How to Enjoy the Holidays Alone

How to Enjoy the Holidays Alone

Flying solo during the holiday season isn’t gloomy at all when you have the right idea of how to plan out your time. Whether you’ve got a bad case of the flu and don’t want to risk getting friends or family sick, or you moved to a new state and don’t know anyone–follow these tips to have a rewarding holiday season while on your own.


Schedule a singles party, or find one near you. Good music, good food, and good company will instantly boost your spirits. Pin up some decorations, turn up the tunes and send out a few invitations, as even a last-minute get-together will keep loneliness at bay!

Set aside some “me time”

Hit the road and set your sights on new experiences–perhaps skiing, hiking, or dining at an interesting restaurant in a town you’ve never trekked through.


Pick up a good book, light up the fireplace and put on your favorite movie or show. If you’re in a new city and your friends and family aren’t nearby, set up a Skype session with them. Even a few quick calls or texts can remind you what really brings joy into your life. Consider sending some surprise gifts to your loved ones to spice up the season of giving.

Help others

Volunteer at a local food bank or shelter. After serving less fortunate individuals, you’ll feel fulfilled and realize that bringing joy to other people reciprocates the effect on yourself.

Knock some things off your to-do list

Work on an at-home project you’ve been meaning to finish. Does a door need a paint job? Does your junk drawer or at-home office need to be tidied up? Scan your home for potential fixer-uppers, since keeping busy wards off the blues.

Treat yourself

Schedule a spa day, and look for holiday events in the area. Concerts and special happenings always pop up this time of year, and any excuse to dress up will also lift your spirits!

Nobody wants to feel alone during the holidays, but simply being alone can be an enjoyable experience. With positive thinking and proactive scheduling, you can turn your solo holidays from the lonely way to go–to the only way to go!

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