How to Improve Your Home Office

Oct 8, 2015

 How to Improve a Home Office


A home office should be a place of organization and all together comfort. You want your workspace to be clutter free so you can get to the important things you have going on in your day to day. Disorganization and clutter can be a constant battle in your home office if you don’t have a system set up to manage it. Clean your desktop of anything you don’t use or need anymore. Set up a time each week or month where you clean out your office, too. Creating a consistent schedule will ensure that you don’t end up with piles of papers, files or other items.

Look into creative storage options to put away important documents or items that aren’t used on the regular. Check often to make sure there are no unused papers, files or other items that can make drawers or cabinets full to the brim.

Let There be Light

As you can see my desk sits directly in front of a large window that looks out to our backyard so for sun/nature loving me it made sense to leave the window exposed.. until summer in Arizona hit. Needless to say, I picked out some lovely curtains to match the office decor to fix those harsh summer rays which fixed my lighting problem. Other lighting options to consider are…

  • Try to incorporate two sources of light into your room like an overhead light as well as a task light.
  • Floor lamps can add some style as well as brighten up those darker corners.
  • It’s also important to set up the lighting to reduce glare. Position your desk to an area where you can reduce glare.

How to improve a home office. Establish a Focal Point

Having a focal point that directs your attention can keep you focused on the task at hand. I purposely chose a thin desk to reduce clutter and focus on working on my laptop.

  • For most people, this can simply be your MAC or PC at your desk.
  • To enhance the visual impact, offset your computer with some artwork that is pleasant to look at.
  • Adding an area rug that feels good on your toes will add comfort but also grounds the space and adds a little something extra in the process.

Pick a Color

When dreaming up my home office I knew I wanted something calm and relaxing but something that also had a sophisticated work feel. I didn’t want a color that was so loud that it would keep me out but rather something that would be easy to decorate with and that I wouldn’t get sick of in a few months. So for me, that color was grey. But other colors, depending on what your office will be used for, can help with different feelings.

  • Yellow is known to stimulate creativity, clarity of thought, and mental activity – making it an excellent choice for a home office color.
  • Red is an aggressive color, so it’s good for those selling or making deals.
  • Blue-Green can be a soothing color – a great choice for writers.
  • Oranges encourage socialization – great for a small office using a team approach to management.

How to improve a home office.Have Visual Inspiration

I like having paintings, posters and other inspiring visuals in my office. These range from family photos to artwork done by myself or my 6-year-old. I also hung up this heart shape marquee that we made from our wedding day. Having them around helps me regain my focus when I find that my eyes are randomly wandering around the room. If you don’t have the budget to buy art prints, you can always look for interesting images online and print them. This is perhaps the most fun aspect of decorating your home office – inspiring yourself through:

  • Artwork
  • A whiteboard
  • Family photos
  • An inspirational quote that speaks to you
  • Fresh flowers that liven up the room can go along way in enhancing your productivity and keeping you motivated

Do you have any tips to share from your home office improvement? Let us know in the comments below!


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