Cleaning for the New Year

cleaning brushFresh year, fresh start! There’s something about the shift from one calendar year to the next that makes everyone want to change for the better. Of course, we all know that changes can be made any day of the year and don’t need to correspond with your new planner. So, if you’re reading this and it’s not January 1st, don’t worry. You can apply these cleaning tips to any time of year.

If you’re sifting through your many New Year’s resolutions and feeling slightly (OK … majorly) overwhelmed, take a breath. Just start with something small like cleaning up your home. Still overwhelming? Here’s how to break down the task so it feels much more manageable.

Make a cleaning schedule

Don’t try to do everything in one day or weekend. That’s a recipe for disaster. Plan to clean one area of your home each day. For example, you could clean your kitchen on Monday, your bedroom on Tuesday, you bathroom on Wednesday, and so on.

Set up a cleaning caddy

“A what?” you ask. It’s basically a bucket or basket that contains your frequently used cleaning supplies, brushes, rags and gloves. When all your supplies are located in one mobile container, you’ll be less likely to get distracted while searching for supplies in various cabinets and closets.

cleaning out closetClear out the clutter

We’ve got several posts about clearing out the clutter and cleaning you can use for inspiration. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to do it all at once. Tackle one room or area at a time.

Store your holiday decorations

Once the holidays are over, you don’t want to be that house that still has their decorations up in February. Pack the decorations away and move them back to your storage room right away. The benefit? You’ll feel great and you’ll have more space in your home.

What are your plans or tips for having a cleaner, clutter-free New Year? Let us know in the comments.