Moving to Madison

Moving in MadisonSometimes nicknamed the “City of Four Lakes,” Madison offers a wide array of things to see and do. It caters to everyone, from the outdoorsy types and the art lovers to the nightlife explorers. Music festivals, museums, sports, restaurants, you name it. Whatever your interests might be, there’s something there to suit your preferences when moving to Madison!

If you’re prepping for a Madison move, you will want to keep a few things in mind regarding parking restrictions and tips for getting around with ease. With your U-Haul moving truck, van or trailer, it’s important to pay particular attention to traffic laws to avoid tickets or tows. Wisconsin’s capital city is also riddled with one-way streets, so use extra care when getting around town.

Renting the right equipment

Knowing what to get before moving to Madison is a must. With 12 U-Haul stores in the area, you will find convenient spots to pick up moving supplies, such as boxes, utility dollies, packing tape and more. For smaller loads, rent a trailer, a pickup truck or a van. For larger items, get a U-Haul moving truck between 10 and 26 feet.

Traffic restrictions

You can find information on parking in Madison and simply type in the date to find out what side of the street you should park on for a specific day. From November 15-March 15, “alternate side parking” is in effect–so make sure to park on the side with even-numbered houses on even-numbered days from 1-7 a.m. and park on the side with odd-numbered houses on odd-numbered days within that same time frame.

Dodge a towing fee on moving day when parking your new place. A fine of $20 will be implemented if you fail to follow the alternate side parking rules with no Declared Snow Emergency (see “Weather Precautions” below) and $60 if a snow emergency is declared. Truck Loading Zones carry a 30-minute parking limit, so spaces designated as Truck Loading Zones can only be utilized by vehicles with truck plates while actively engaged in loading and unloading items. You can also look into purchasing a parking permit for your vehicle to ensure a safe move.

Moving in Madison Tips

Weather precautions

As a city blanketed in snow come wintertime, moving to Madison requires extra care when it comes to driving. Parking laws also shift during Declared Snow Emergencies, in which snow accumulates to 3 inches or more and all streets within the Snow Emergency Zone must then be plowed. Residents must follow the alternate side parking rules for at least the next two nights.

As with any colder climate that gets hit seasonally with snowstorms, always be safe while driving.

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