What to Do With Your Christmas Tree

What to Do With Your Christmas TreeThe presents have been opened, the Christmas carols silenced and the holiday season has come to an end. Now comes the least fun part of the holiday – taking down all the decorations. Whether your tree is real or artificial there are several different things to do with your Christmas tree once it’s time to take it down.


Now let’s first discuss those of you who have the real deal Christmas tree. Aren’t they wonderful? You head out with the family, hot cocoa in hand, and pick out the perfect Christmas tree. You bring it back home and it fills your home with the amazing smell of Christmas! There’s just something so wonderful about having the real thing… until… it comes time to take it down. Once you start taking the string lights down it seems like pine needles just start shooting from the branches all over your home. When it comes time to transport your tree from your home, the last place you’d probably like to put it is in the trunk of your car or on the roof to make even more of a mess, that is, if it even fits in your car. Instead, consider renting a trailer to help with transportation. You don’t need to worry about the dried out branches scratching your car or the pine needles creating a mess. With several different size options, finding a trailer to haul away your Christmas tree is a breeze.

What to Do With Your Christmas TreeRecycle

Rather than trying to force your tree in the garbage bin or setting it out on the curb, most communities nationwide have tree drop-off locations. What many people aren’t aware of is that Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be used for mulch and other purposes. Using a trailer to transport your Christmas tree to any drop-off location is a sustainable choice and what’s even better.. most drop-off locations are free! To find out about other recycling options for your Christmas tree check out the National Christmas Tree Association.


Finally, we arrive with what to do with your artificial Christmas tree. Depending on the size of your tree, the boxes to store them in can be pretty big and pretty heavy taking up quite a bit of space. You can alternatively store them in a bag made specifically for Christmas tree storage. Some faux trees can take up space in your home. An option to save space is to use the same trailer we mentioned above to haul your tree over to your nearest storage facility. With the most coverage in North America, U-Haul offers clean, dry and secure facilities with most open 7 days a week, evenings and holidays.

What do you do with your Christmas tree after the holidays? Share with us below!

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