Tips for Moving Your Pet Snake

moving your pet snake

Corn snakes, ball pythons, boas — when it comes to moving, you can’t forget about your slithery friends! Before loading up the moving truck, make sure you pack your snake terrarium properly. Follow the tips below to ensure you’re moving your pet snake properly:

Before packing the cage

Before you start packing the terrarium, take your snake out of the enclosure and put them inside a cloth bag (i.e. pillow case). The cloth bag will keep your snake from stressing out. Then, place your snake inside a box or plastic container with a lid. If you’re traveling in cold conditions, you’ll need to use a heating pad or heat tape on the bottom of the box. Poke small holes in the box to ensure oxygen is getting into the box. Make sure the holes aren’t too large. Remember, snakes are master escape artists.

Packing a snake terrarium

  • Empty the contents of the cage and place in a separate box. Discard any mulch or aspen. You’ll need to put new aspen and mulch in the cage in your new home.
  • Pack light bulbs inside bubble pouches.
  • If the snake cage is glass, use blankets or furniture pads to wrap the snake terrarium. This will cushion the cage and keep the sides from rubbing up against other items in the moving truck.
  • If the snake terrarium is a 20 gallon tank or larger, use Movers Wrap to hold furniture pads in place.

During the move

If possible, put your snake in the cab, not the back of the truck. Items tend to move around during your move, your pet is safest when he’s transported separately. Transport your snake in a separate car or pickup truck if you can’t fit your snake in the cab. Use extra furniture pads for added protection. Never keep the box containing snake in direct sunlight. If you keep your snake in the cab, keep your AC temperature between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit.

Your snake in a new home

Keep in mind, your snake may be stressed out after a long drive. Before removing your pet from the box, set up their cage, make sure the conditions are right including temperature humidity, water supply, and bedding. This will give them time to calm down in a stable environment and give you time to get everything set up.

Have you moved your pet snake before? Let us know some of your tips in the comments below!