Flipping Houses with Portable Storage

How Portable Storage Can Help You Flip HousesFlipping houses involves a lot of shifting items–and that’s why it makes sense to use portable storage when a lot of furniture and boxes are in limbo.

While renovating a low-value home to put it back on the market at higher value is no simple task, U-Haul storage options help alleviate the stress of flipping a house. Because the U-Box Moving Container serves as both portable storage and a moving option that’s able to be shipped, you can spend more time planning fresh renovations and know that the U-Box can be shipped when and where you need it next.

Storing Items Room-to-Room

A U-Box container will secure the items you’re swapping in and out while the home is in transition. You can fit about a room and a half of typical household items inside the U-Box moving container, so as you fix up each room, it’s easy to transfer furniture between the portable storage container and the house under renovation. Be sure to stock up on cardboard boxes to pack and organize your things–using labeled tape to correspond to each room in the house.

Use a Trailer for Home Fix-Ups

For a DIY house flip, it’s best to start out with an open utility trailer to haul the supplies you’ll need to fix it up. Toss in the toolbox, landscaping equipment, paint supplies and other tools you will need to make tweaks to the house.

Use U-Box Container for Furniture Shopping & Swapping

Once you’ve made improvements to cabinets, plumbing, walls, and flooring, use a U-Box moving container to start flipping the home’s furniture. Visit swap meets, secondhand furniture outlets, garage sales or bigger-name furniture retailers to find just the pieces you need to accent each room. The U-Box moving container can hold your old furniture as you’re donating or reselling it, and it can also store and transport the new furniture you’ve selected for the renovated rooms.

De-Clutter with Portable Storage

When presenting the newly refurbished home to potential owners, it’s important to set up an aesthetically pleasing open house before the tours start. Organizing and decluttering tasks require somewhere to store the extra junk before either donating, storing or tossing it–so the U-Haul U-Box container is perfect for holding these items.

Flipping houses can be efficient with a U-Box container–it’s as easy as holding what you need when you need it, and shipping it wherever you need it to end up.

Do you have any tips for flipping houses? Leave them in the comments below!