Door Stop Moving Hacks

We all understand the struggle of trying to open a door with your arms full. You end up standing half on one leg so you can balance the items you’re carrying on your other knee, with one arm wrapped around everything and the other trying to squeeze its way towards the door knob. The task is not impossible, but it is definitely never fun. With multiple trips to take while moving, propping the door open is a must. Before you make a mess and drop all your boxes on moving day, we’ve collected some door stop moving hacks straight from expert  Moving Helpers® to give you a bit of a break:

door stop

  1. Rubber Band Stop: Place a rubber band around each door handle to hold the door latch in. This allows the door shut without actually locking. With this door stop hack, you still need to be able to access the doorknob or be able to push the door with your body, but you will not have to turn it to open it.
  2. Water Bottle Stop: Putting a water bottle under your door will keep it from shutting. Roll up an empty plastic water bottle until it fits well in the gap between your door and the floor. This will keep your door wide open for you to enter and exit as needed.
  3. Cardboard Stop: Fold up some cardboard and shove it under the door to keep the door open. Now your door will stay propped open.
  4. Damp Cloth Stop: Did you know that a damp washcloth can work as a door stop, too? We didn’t believe it either until our Moving Helpers® showed us how it works. Simply place it under your door in the same manner as the cardboard or water bottle and your door will stay wide open.
  5. Coin Stop: We have finally found a use for all that loose change lying around. Use a coin in the door end frame to keep it in place.

To see all these door stops moving hacks carried out by the Moving Helpers® themselves, watch the video below!

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