Which U-Box® Container Delivery Method is best for me?

Whether you are in need of temporary storage or are in the process of moving, U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers have an option for you. U-Box Containers can be safely stored on the offsite location you choose, in a secure U-Haul warehouse or delivered wherever is most convenient to you — even internationally! Find out which U-Box Moving and Storage Container delivery method best suits your needs:

u-box delivery method

Access at U-Haul Location

Load and unload your belongings all on your own schedule! Simply transport your belongings to your local U-Haul store yourself and get packing. This option is the best fit for those who don’t have space at their home to load a U-Box container. It also works great if you plan on sharing the U-Box container with someone else. If you’re already using self-storage for your belongings, U-Box is a good way to move these from storage to a new location. With this option, you have no delivery fees and easy DIY experience.

Self Delivery

If you have a hitch installed on your vehicle, this option is perfect for you. Pick up the U-Box container your local U-Haul store and bring it to your home. From here, you can load it up on your own time. Once you have packed up your U-Box container, you can return it a U-Haul center for storage or delivery or tow it elsewhere. This option is the best fit for those do-it-yourselfers who want to load their container at home. It is also a good choice if you have to make multiple stops to load your container. If you prefer this option but your vehicle can’t tow, consider renting a pickup truck or adding a hitch to your vehicle. You can also upgrade your order to include Moving Help®. With this, professional Moving Helpers will pack up your U-Box container for you!

We Deliver

Don’t feel like running to a U-Haul store? No problem! U-Haul can deliver your U-Box container directly to your doorstep. They can even delivery multiple U-Box containers if you need more than one. Pack up at your own pace or hire professional Moving Helpers to do the job for you. When you’re done packing, U-Haul can deliver your U-Box container to its new location or store in the secure warehouse. You can even store your U-Box container on your property for as long as you need and only pay our low monthly fee. Just call to pick up the containers for moving or storage whenever you’re ready.

Have you used any of these U-Box Moving and Storage Container delivery methods? Share in the comments below!