Family Moving Tips

Family Moving Tips

When you have kids, moving is a whole different story. Things like procrastination and poor planning should go out the window. There’s a way to have a seamless family move! Here’s your guide to the best family moving tips.

How to Pack Properly Family Moving Tips 3

If you can conquer packing up your household, you’re well on your way to a successful family move! One thing to help you plan packing up the house is a packing timeline. Break the job into segments of things you can pack more than a month away, a month away, a week away, and the night before. This blog post can help you, but keep these points as a rule of thumb:

  • More than a Month Away: inventory what you have, trash, sell or donate what you can
  • A Month Away: pack away any items that aren’t used on a daily basis
  • A Week Away: valuables
  • The night before: everything you’ll need for the first night in your home or while on the road

In addition to knowing when to pack, it’s important to know how to pack. You can take a look at this guide on how to pack anything. It will break down the best packing supplies to use for household items, how to pack by room, and how many supplies to purchase based on what size home you have. These specific packing kits can take the guesswork out of shopping for supplies.

How to Move

One of the most important things about moving is deciding how you’re going to move. Moving cross country versus locally can decrease the options on how to get the job done. You can always choose the traditional route of renting a moving truck or moving truck and trailer combo. One of the best options for families is using moving containers. Opting for these can take the hassle out of moving with small children. You don’t have to worry about taking special care with kids on moving day or even on a long cross-country drive. Moving containers, like U-Box, allow you to load up as many moving containers as you need and have them shipped to your new home! If you wanna make it even easier, you can find moving help to load them up for you.

Family Moving Tips 2Moving Day

Moving day can be the most chaotic part of moving for families. If you have small children, managing their needs and orchestrating your move might be a lot to juggle all at once.

  • One of the best moving day tips for families is to find a babysitter for your children. This allows you to focus on the job at hand and know that your kids are safe and taken care of.
  • Book local labor to help expedite your move – companies like Moving Help can even pack, load, move and unload for you!

If your kids are with you on moving day, there are a few steps you can take to make the day smooth for everyone. This post goes into detail of how to make moving with kids easy. Some pointers are:

  • Pack meals and snacks for your kids – sometimes finding food on the road can be tricky for picky eaters
  • Plan entertainment for your little ones – think of road trip games to keep them focused on fun. This SuperGraphics game has been a hit for families!
  • Pack a bag with all of their essentials – think of that special toy, any medicines they may need, or even an extra set of clothes
  • Let them help – think of easy and safe jobs they can do that will allow them to have a part in moving day!

Settling InFamily Moving Tips 4

It’s a great feeling when that last moving box comes into your new home. What comes next can be overwhelming: unpacking and settling in. For a family move, it’s important to get your kids settled first, especially the young ones. When you’re younger the change can be a lot to handle. Getting kids back into their normal routine can help get them adjusted. Next, make sure the first room you start unpacking is your bedroom. That bathroom and living room can be worked on in pieces, but there’s nothing like hitting your head on that pillow after a long day’s move!

What tips do you have for a family moving? Share them with us in the comments section below!