Packing Timeline

Aug 19, 2014

Timeline Packing

Updated 6/17/16

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve been the procrastinator – you know the one who puts off packing the entire house until the weekend of the move. Maybe you’re a play it safe and you’ve packed up too much too far away from the move and you’re scrambling and digging around to find your hairbrush among the moving boxes. The tips below will help you nail down a packing timeline to organize your move!

8 Weeks Out

I understand that not every move can be planned to a T, but if you do get the opportunity to plan, there are things you can do to make packing your home much easier. One of the best tips I can give is don’t pack what you don’t use! Before you’re moving timelines gets too full, this is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have. Think of the items that you want to keep, trash, sell or donate; this post can help you decide if you’re stuck on some items.

packing-timeline 8 weeks

6 Weeks Out

This is the perfect time to take the items you decided to sell and throw a garage sale or sell them at a secondhand store.  Anything that can not sell along with the items you had already decided to donate should be donated at this time.  The more you can remove from your home, the better,  This helps keep everything organized and clear so you can focus on the items remaining to pack!  Read this for help on where to donate or sell unwanted items.

packing timeline

5 Weeks Out

This is when you’re going to want to start thinking of what moving supplies you need. If you’re not sure how many boxes, rolls of tape, packs of bubble wrap, etc., use a moving supply calculator to help you. One of the most important things to take note of is to get more moving supplies than expected. Nothing’s worse than running out of material while you’re on a roll with packing. Some companies, like U-Haul, have moving box buyback guarantee where they will buyback any unused boxes. Another thing to note: if you plan on getting larger boxes (ex: wardrobe boxes), make sure they’ll fit in your vehicle. If not, maybe your best bet is to borrow a friend’s larger vehicle or even rent a cargo van to get everything you need.

Packing timeline

4 Weeks Out

Here are some items that you can start packing a month prior to moving day:

  • Keepsakes and memorabilia – these items can be boxed up well before.
  • Other items that don’t require daily use – think of home decor; picture frames, posters, candles, trinkets, etc. that you don’t necessarily use, but add aesthetics to your home. Consider boxing these items up the earlier the better. Take care with fragile items like artwork or other framed decor.

If you’re temporarily moving to a smaller space and you’re considering storing non-essentials or off-season items, this is when you’ll want to arrange for a storage unit in your new city.


1 Week Out

A week prior to moving day, you’ll want to make sure you have the following items boxed up and ready to go:


1-2 Days Out

Here is where you should pack everything else to ensure you are ready for moving day.


Moving Day

As much as you have probably prepared, you may be a bit behind.  That is normal!  Hire MovingHelp and let them load the truck safely and efficiently while you continue to pack the last few items.


Sometimes packing can feel overwhelming and you may wonder if you will ever finish! With this timeline, you will help space out the work and keep a pace to complete without the stress of procrastination at the end.  For a complete moving timeline read this!  Good luck and cheers to your move!

Full Infographic Here

Do you have any other tips to add when it comes to a packing timeline? Leave them in the comment section below!


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