Moving Into Your First House

Moving into your first house is a major milestone in your adult life; a momentous occasion that marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. For many, owning a Forever Home is the ultimate goal in life. Whether you’re simply renting, buying temporarily or planning on building a lifetime worth of memories in your new house, here are some tips on making your move as smooth as possible.

Moving Into Your First House

Location, Location, Location

They” say location is everything. If you’re unsure of where you should plant your roots, there are websites, such as that suggest cities and towns, based on your responses to several questions.

Take your personal preferences into account when making decisions; do you crave the big city life or the quietness of a small town or suburb?

Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to one specific region, websites such as Zillow can provide specific information on neighborhoods and average costs of mortgages or rent.

Another thing to check, especially if you are moving in by yourself is safety.  You can check the crime stats by zip code with a simple google search.  Sites like can show you the types of crime in the area.  I would also suggest driving through the neighborhood a few different times of the day so you feel comfortable with the neighborhood.

Grab the Tissues

Once you’ve chosen the locale of your new house, it’s time to start preparing. Moving can be an incredibly emotional experience, no matter how prepared you may be financially.

There are many stages of emotion that moving causes, such as excitement, fear, stress, and determination. It’s best to make sure you give yourself enough time to work through each of these emotions before saying goodbye to family and friends. Remember, your loved ones will be experiencing emotions of their own.

The Basics

Moving Into Your First HouseYou will also need to be prepared financially for all of the expenses that come with moving. Some things that you may need to prepare for include:

    • Moving Supplies (boxes for packing, protective supplies for furniture and valuables)
    • Fuel, food and lodging expenses
    • Utilities (water, electricity, gas, cable/internet)
    • Groceries
    • Weather-appropriate clothing (if moving somewhere with a different climate than you’re used to)
  • Emergency savings fund

You will also need to update all of your documents and records, including driver’s license, Change of Address form with USPS, banking institution (billing and check information), creditors, and enroll your children in school if need be.

Getting There

Getting there is half the fun! If you’re planning on a DIY moving experience, there are many options available depending on your needs and how much you’re moving. You can choose a moving truck, trailer or U-Box®.

When getting your moving truck or van, don’t waste time that could be spent enjoying this incredible journey you’re on. With U-Haul Truck Share, you move on your own time and no one else’s. With Self-Pick-Up and Self-Return, there’s no waiting on equipment or a representative.

Do you have any tips for those who are moving into their first house? Leave them in the comments section below.

UPDATED: November 1, 2017, to incorporate U-Haul Truck Share 24/7