Why Should I Buy a Lamp Box?

Buy a Lamp BoxAfter you unplug the lamps in your old home, you may wonder how you are going to safely transport your luminous items. Well, we have a solution that will leave you with a light bulb lighting up over your head– figuratively of course!

The lamp box is the ideal way to make sure your light fixtures remain in one piece and brighten up your new abode. This specialty box was created to provide support and protection to delicate lamps and shades. The drive in your moving truck may have a couple of bumps down the road, but rest assured your items will arrive in the same condition.

How to Pack a Lamp

1. Prepare your lamp by removing the bulb and shade. Once removed, wrap the electric cord and plug around the base and tuck to prevent unraveling.

2. Wrap the lamp base in Enviro-bubble, making sure to cover both sides. Use packing tape to secure the wrap in place.

3. Place lamp base in the box upright. Use furniture pads to fill the box to prevent shifting within the box during the transport.

4. Seal the box with packing tape and be sure to label “this end up” and “fragile”.

Buy a Lamp Box
The box measures 12″ x 12″ x 40″ (W x L x H) and meets UPS shipping requirements. All moving supplies, including Enviro-bubble and furniture pads, can be purchased online or at your local U-Haul. If you purchase it at or pick it up at a U-Haul store, your lamp box will come pre-assembled for you!

Other irregular shaped items need protection too, so your golf clubs and telescopes do not need to feel left out as they will fit perfectly in a lamp box as well.

Have you used a Lamp Box? What tips do you have for anyone thinking of purchasing one?