Tips for Moving Out of State to College

Aug 5, 2016

Moving out of state to college—it can be fun, emotional, and sometimes stressful. There is a lot you can’t control, but there are some things you can. Here are some tips on how to make your college move a smooth(er) one.

Pack with a Purpose22741

If you’ve ever stood inside a dorm room, you know you won’t exactly have a ton of space at your new school. Before moving out of state to college, it’s crucial to consider:

1. Weather. Do your research on year-round weather in your new city, and pack accordingly. If you’re moving to a very cold place, make room for those heavy coats and close-toed shoes. The last thing you want is to arrive at college and not have proper clothing. For smart storage, try out a laydown wardrobe box you can slide under your bed!

2. What you need. Start packing boxes containing things you will absolutely need for your room. Things like your clothing, bedding, and hygiene supplies are the priority here. Also, be realistic with the word “need.”

3. What you DON’T need. Once you’ve made room for your undeniable necessities, you probably still have items you’d like to take along but don’t need. Be cautious here, as everything you pack will have to be unpacked, and packed again. You may love your stuffed animal collection, but perhaps it’s not worth bringing along.  Again, keep the weather in mind.  If your new city will have a dramatically different climate than your home town, there are probably clothes you can leave behind that you’ll never wear.  Getting rid of that unnecessary clothing will create amazing amounts of space for other things.

Do Some Research

It may not sound like the most fun thing to do, but it will pay off once you’re settled in your new place.  Take some time to research your new city so you can have a better knowledge of what you’ll actually be doing once you get there.  Think about:

  • What there is to do near campus
  • Nearby towns to visit for vacations
  • What clothes or items you’ll need to pack for those experiences
  • Whether or not you’ll need a car (Are most activities within walking distance from campus?  How often would you actually use a car?)
  • Any clubs or sports you might want to be involved in at your new college and when they meet

Use Your Resources23078

Whether you’re driving or flying to your new college, you can ease your journey with several services. Be sure to check out these videos on how to utilize these options:

1. Collegeboxes. If traveling with all of your boxes stresses you out, the Collegeboxes Ship to School service is definitely for you. Simply pack up all the items you don’t want to carry yourself, and they’ll be picked up at your home. From there, they’ll be shipped temporarily to a secure climate controlled storage facility near your new college and delivered to school on their scheduled date. Easy enough, right?

2. U-Boxes. While moving in the past, you may have dreamed of one giant container for all of your items. Well, your dream can become a reality with the U-Box service! Because U-Box containers hold about a room and a half of household items, they’re perfect for your out-of-state college move. Also, take advantage of this service if you go home for the summer and want to store your items near campus.

3. Moving trucks and trailers. It may be more your style to haul your own belongings directly to your new location. That’s why you can rent your own moving truck or trailer for your college road trip! Don’t want to do any heavy lifting? Moving help can alleviate your stress by loading everything into your truck or trailer for you.  If you’re planning on bringing a vehicle with you, attach a tow dolly or auto transport to your moving truck!  This is a great solution if you’re keeping your car at school, or your parents are driving it back home after the trip.

thumbs upPlan, Plan, Plan

During college moving season, there are countless other students traveling to their new dorms as well. From packing to reserving U-Haul services, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to do anything. Take a look at this timeline for what to do, starting eight weeks before your move!  Plan for:

1. The move itself.  Figure out details like:

    • How many boxes and packing supplies you’ll need (use a moving supply calculator to make the job easier)
    • How long the packing process will take you with your schedule
    • Your moving truck or trailer reservation
    • Your Collegeboxes or U-Box order
    • Other moving items you may need (dolly, furniture pads, gloves, etc.)
    • Local storage for items that won’t fit in your dorm (if you aren’t leaving them at home)

2. Your first week on campus.  You’ll be adjusting to your surroundings for a little while, so you should leave time to explore.  Consider:  

  • When you’ll be arriving in your new town/if there is anything you’d like to do or see before it’s time to move in
  • What activities are being held for freshmen and which ones you’d like to attend
  • When you can unpack–it’s a good idea to set up your room as soon as possible so you can feel at home


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