Other Moving Day Rental Items For Moving Day

When you think about renting items for your moving day, the first thing to pop into your mind is likely your vehicle or method of transportation. For some, this might be a truck. For others, this could be a cargo van or a trailer. You might even rent a few of these options together! What many people don’t know about, however, are the other moving day rental items out there, all designed to make your move easier.

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

Carpet Cleaner Rental

If you live in a place with carpeting, you know just how easily things can get dirty. Don’t even get me started on having carpet when you have pets. As you’re getting ready to move out of your house or apartment, you want to make sure that the place is clean and ready for the next person to move in. Rather than paying for professional cleaners or paying a fee for leaving the carpet dirty you can rent a Rug Doctor® carpet cleaner and touch up the place yourself. This is also a great option if you are moving into a new place that, for whatever reason, isn’t as clean as it should be. Although it’s one of the lesser known moving day rental items, the carpet cleaner is likely one of the best. If you notice that your couches, stairs or even your car need a little touching up as well, you can choose to add on the cleaning hand wand.

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

  • Avoid hefty professional cleaning fees
  • As easy as vacuuming
  • More powerful than most name brand cleaners
  • Deep cleans with a vibrating brush
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Removes dirt, allergens, and odors

Hand Truck Rental

The utility dolly or hand truck is one of the more commonly used rental items. It the most versatile, “all-purpose” dolly with two names. Rather than breaking your back trying to carry heavy boxes, simply load your things onto the hand truck and get rolling. The utility dolly can carry boxes, appliances, furniture and more! Not only does this dolly help you to carry and move heavier items but you can stack boxes and move multiple at once. This is one of the rental items you will want on every move. Pro Tip: Use bungee cords to add an extra layer of security and keep things on your dolly. If you realize that you’re ready for a more serious commitment than just a rental, you can purchase your own hand truck.

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

  • Climbs up and down stairs
  • Cuts loading/ unloading time by 50%
  • Ergonomic handle allows for one-handed maneuvering
  • Large, soft non-mar tires prevent skid marks
  • Easy to use on ramps
  • Large base for load support
  • Carrying capacity of 600 lbs

Furniture Dolly Rental

Furniture is probably one of the toughest things to move, generally speaking. It’s always heavy, shaped in a way that’s tough to carry through doorways and just overall inconvenient. Thankfully, the U-Haul offers a furniture dolly rental to help alleviate some of those problems. This is the only dolly without a handle. To move, simply push the furniture you have seated on top of the dolly. Looking to use a furniture dolly more often? Buy your own!

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

  • Perfect for dressers, wall units, pianos, chest freezers and more
  • Tight turning radius
  • Easily fits in elevators
  • Cuts loading/ unloading time by 50%
  • Padded edges
  • Large, soft non-mar tires prevent skid marks
  • Carrying capacity of 1,000 lbs

Appliance Dolly Rental

No one is strong enough to just carry a refrigerator or a washer around. You could be the strongest person around and you would still need help lifting these guys. Using an appliance dolly, moving your kitchen stove into your new place has never been so easy. It is also the only dolly equipped with a strap to ensure that these heavy items don’t fall out of the dolly and damage themselves or anyone/anything else around. If you need more appliances more frequently you can invest in your own appliance dolly.

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

  • Doubles your moving power
  • Nylon strap secures items in place
  • Carrying capacity of 700 lbs
  • Easy offset tightener handle
  • Rub rails protect items from damage
  • Easily rolls up and down stairs
  • Provides the leverage needed to move heavy appliances
  • Perfect for refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves and other heavy appliances
  • Large, soft non-mar tires prevent skid marks

Furniture Pad Rental

Furniture pads are basically the ultimate protective moving day item. They are extremely versatile and I wouldn’t recommend moving without them. Not only will they keep your things protected from any damage, but they also help to protect from dirt or make other moving tasks most efficient. Think you might use this more often? Buy your own! With such a varied use item, who says it has to be used solely for moving purposes?

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

  • 80″ x 72″ to cover and protect items like furniture or appliances easily
  • Soft recycled denim material
  • Helps prevent nicks and scratches
  • Use to fill in gaps in your truck, trailer or U-Box and prevent items from shifting
  • Protect items inside boxes
  • Slide and move large, heavy items
  • Cover floors to keep clean
  • Protection that pays for itself

Waterbed/ Fish Tank Pump Rental

Although this product is called a waterbed pump, it can really be used for much more than that. If you have anything filled with water that you need to drain out, this waterbed pump will easily do the job. The concern of your waterbed popping during your move or your fish tank splashing around is eradicated!

Other Moving Day Rental Items You May Know About

  • Drain a waterbed, fish tank or any other water-filled item
  • Drains liquids with ease
  • Small and simple to operate
  • Make your move quick and easy
  • Faucet adapters and waterbed solutions are also available

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