Things to Remember Before Going Back to School

Aug 22, 2016

Summer is nearing its end. And you know what that means: Back to School. As much as we all love having a little bit of extra freedom in the summer, back to school means getting back to friends and getting one step closer to graduating. In the little bit of time you have until you officially have to move back into dorms or start up classes, here are a few things to remember before going back to school:

Things to Remember Before Going Back to School

Finish Any Summer Assignments

Finish Any Summer Assignments Back to SchoolNo matter what grade you’re in, you never stop getting assigned little summer assignments. Nearing the end of my college career most of these were just taking syllabus quizzes online to make sure we understood what we were getting ourselves into with the course and discussion boards introducing ourselves to the teacher but you may still have a reading or writing assignment to do. However big or small your tasks may be, get any summer assignments done now before it’s too late. This will give you one less thing to worry about and help ensure you start your grade in the class off right. Here’s a checklist of a few key things to do to ensure your projects all get finished on time:

  • Double check any e-mails from your teachers or professors
  • Look online to find any to-do lists or checklists
  • Look online to find a syllabus and any related assignments
  • Map out a schedule to complete any assignments

Buy Any Needed School Supplies

Buy Any Needed School Supplies Back to SchoolIn your class syllabi, there is generally a list of any required reading you will need to rent or purchase, tools you will need, etc. Look this over and make sure you are ready for everything by the first day of class. Many professors will expect you to be ready with these tools on hand to use on the first day back to school. Here are a few items to consider having ready if the checklist is not quite clear:

  • Required Readings/ Textbooks
  • Notebooks or Binders with College Ruled Binder Paper
  • A printer and printer paper
  • A laptop computer
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, white out
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Folders or Organizers to store class handouts
  • A Daily Planner

Get Your Wardrobe Back to School Ready

Get Your Wardrobe Back to School ReadySoon it will be goodbye summer clothing, hello fall and winter attire! Even aside from the weather, the style and type of clothes you wear sets an impression for who you are. Your professors and peers will both be looking at how you present yourself. Have enough professional clothing in your closet for job interviews or internships you might choose to pursue. Of course, feel free to keep some of the more fun clothing around for those after-school and weekend hours. If you are living in a dorm or college apartment you likely have minimal space so you might want to consider rotating seasonal clothing and even sporting equipment in a small storage unit. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to your back to school wardrobe:

  • Conservative Classroom Attire
  • Professional Work Attire
  • Comfortable Athletic Attire
  • Casual Weekend Clothing
  • A few In Case of Emergency Formal Outfits
  • Comfortable Shoes to Walk Around Campus
  • Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free with Seasonal Storage

Make Your Living Space Double as a Work Space

Make Your Living Space Double as a Work Space Back to SchoolWorking on homework or class projects at home isn’t for everyone. Many people would much rather go to a library, study room or coffee shop to work. Even if that is the case, there are going to be those times what you will be forced to power through a project in your own home base so you want to make sure you have a clean environment to do so. This is a good time to think about any furniture you might need to move into your place. Additionally, if you are living in a smaller space such as a dorm or an apartment, look at what items you could potentially throw out, donate or place in temporary storage to reduce the clutter. Here are some tips for maximizing space in your dorm so you can actually fit some kind of a desk or work table.

  • Have a Desk and Comfortable Chair
  • Keep Your Area Organized
  • Keep the Area Well Lit
  • Save Desk Space for Your Computer, Notebook and School Books
  • Have a Charging Dock Handy
  • Make Room for Your Printer
  • Keep a White Board or Calendar

Have Transportation Planned Out

Have Transportation Planned Out Back to SchoolIt doesn’t matter if you’re living on or off campus… you’re going to need some way of getting around. My freshman year I relied completely on car share services and public transportation to get around while I left my personal vehicle at home. This saved me a ton of money. Using my student public transportation pass I could go to most places. Anywhere the light rail or buses didn’t easily reach I could hop in a car and just pay for the hours I needed it (and no paying for gas or auto insurance!!!) Later into the college career I brought in my car and paid for a parking pass. This added a lot of convenience for me as I needed to commute for work and allowed more freedom on weekends, but was definitely much more expensive. Think about the various options available in relation to your area, your budget, and your everyday schedule.

  • Campus Shuttle Services
  • Bicycle, Scooter or Skateboard
  • Public Transportation
  • Personal Vehicle with a College Parking Permit

Maximize What Summer is Left!

Maximize What Summer is Left Back to SchoolTrust me when I say that you need to enjoy summer while you have it. Of course, maximizing summer doesn’t necessarily mean just going out and having fun, although that part is important. Take this time to get a few necessary tasks completed.

  • Update Your Resume
  • Apply for Jobs or Internships for the School Year
  • Complete any Moving or Room Organization
  • Travel!
  • Spend Time with Your Family
  • Spend Time with Hometown Friends
  • Complete and Back to School Shopping
  • Get Yourself Prepared for Classes


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