How to Use Wardrobe Boxes for Moving and Storage

wardrobe boxes

Organizing all of your clothes is probably the last thing you want to worry about during a move.  With all the heavy lifting going on, smaller items like clothing just seem to add stress to the process.  However, you don’t have to raid your closet at the last minute and shove everything into random boxes.  You can quickly and efficiently pack your clothes in these wardrobe boxes. Another great perk about using a wardrobe box is you can transport your clothes straight from your closet to the box. Talk about easy!

Grand Wardrobe Box

The Grand Wardrobe Box is ideal for all of your longer clothing like dresses, suits or long jackets.  The beauty of this box is that you can keep all of your items on hangers.  That means no clothing wrinkles, and no mess of hangers you’ll have to pull apart later on.  The Grand Wardrobe Box:

  • Holds up to 2′ of closet space
  • Is ideal for dresses, suits and long jackets
  • Meets UPS shipping requirements
  • Includes wardrobe bar (holds up to 150 lbs)

Shorty Wardrobe Box

The Shorty Wardrobe Box is a great way to pack your shorter clothing.  Like the Grand Wardrobe Box, this one also comes with a metal hanging bar so you can transfer your clothes right to the box on hangers.  The Shorty Wardrobe Box:

  • Holds up to 2′ of closet space
  • Is ideal for shirts, shorts, sport coats, pants, blouses, etc.
  • Includes the metal bar
  • Holds up to 80 lbs

Space Saver Wardrobe Box

The Space Saver Wardrobe Box is tall and narrow, so it can fit easily in small spaces.  It is ideal for longer clothing, but you can hang anything you’d like in it.  The Space Saver Wardrobe Box:

  • Is ideal for dresses, pants, suits, etc.
  • Includes 18″ wardrobe bar
  • Holds up to 100 lbs
  • Can also be used for sporting equipment, dining room chairs, etc.

 Laydown Wardrobe Box

The Laydown Wardrobe Box is great for moving, as well as storage.  If you have limited space and need to store seasonal clothing, it’s a great solution.  Just pack up your items, and slide it under your bed!  The Laydown Wardrobe Box:

  • Fits under most beds
  • Is wide enough for most hangers
  • Is great for seasonal items (coats, hats, scarfs, bathing suits, etc.)
  • Holds up to 65 lbs

Which of these wardrobe boxes did you find most useful?  Tell us in the comments below!