Home Decor: 5 Ways to Make a House a Home


As the classic saying goes, “home is where the heart is”. But sometimes, it takes a little bit more than that to really make your house feel like a home. We’ve all visited a space that just feels ‘homey’. It’s warm and inviting and makes you want to sit and enjoy. But what are some of those things that really help make space feel like a home? Read more below for 5 tips to make your house a home.


Not only are plants good for the air in your home but they are beautiful and come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and textures to fit your space. Do you have an empty corner in a room? Try a hanging plant to fill the space and create visual interest. Plants are also great because they give you a sense of purpose. After all, a plant is something you have to care for, water and maintain. But when it begins to grow or bloom, you’ll have a great sense of pride.


No matter if you’ve been collecting items for a year or would like to start, displaying them in your home is a great way to make it really feel unique. Perhaps you’re an avid reader. Add some bookshelves to your home to put them on display. Often times, hardback books may have a paper cover. What I’ve found is that the actual cover underneath the paper cover can look ten times better. Toss the paper cover and expose the underlying beauty.


Making your house feel like home also has a lot to do with functionality. There’s nothing like a beautifully decorated credenza, but if not styled well, it can turn into a landing zone for stacks and piles of papers, keys, mail, etc. There is so much beauty in a well-organized home. Keeping clutter away and focusing more on displaying the things you love is key. For some, storage can be as simple as upcycling a box into something more aesthetically pleasing. You can simply give some old moving boxes a facelift. For others, it’s a chance to display a love of handmade baskets, unique storage trunks, or other unique items. Either way, this simple step of giving everything a place of its own, visible or hidden, is a great way to create a room that feels beautiful.


If you love art but not the price tag, consider making your own! There are so many types of art that you can choose to adhere to your own style. Do you have a favorite saying or quote? Print it out or write it on some blank paper. You can frame it and put it up on a wall for daily motivation. Do you have kids? Turn their school artwork into a masterpiece by grabbing your favorite one and putting it in a simple black frame. Art that comes from the heart and the ones you love is worth more than any store bought art piece.


The most important thing that can fill your home is the love of your friends and families. So what better way to display that and be reminded of that every day than with photos? Depending on your space you can create hundreds of ways to display your favorites. You can opt for all black and white photos. You can create a photo wall with various different sizes of frames. There are great picture hanging tools out there that make hanging frames a cinch.

Have you turned your house into a home? Share with us how you did it in the comments below!

Photo: COR06B_6 by Bonsoni.com is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic