Options for Your U-Box® Portable Moving Container After Your Move

Dec 20, 2016

U-Box Container Home Delivery

You have decided to join the moving revolution and plan on using a portable moving and storage container for your next move! You are not alone. There are several reasons why these moves make sense.

  1. You may be moving to a big city and struggle to find parking for your car, let alone a moving truck.
  2. Maybe you are moving out of the country or to Hawaii and driving a truck is simply not an option.
  3. Or, like many people, maybe you’re not exactly sure where you will be living once you complete your move.
  4. You might need some time between before you are completely settled.

U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers solve these moving questions. U-Box® containers are convenient, flexible and secure! They offer a DIY mover the ability to ship their belongings to their new home whether it is here in North America or abroad. They are compact for big city moves and are easy to load. And, for the DIY mover not sure of exactly where they will be next, they offer solutions for the time between move-out and move-in! Below are your options for your U-Box® container once your move is complete.

Storage Options

U-Box® containers can be used to store your belongings for as long as you need. Storage is a great option for those that are in the process of finding a new home or city location. It allows you the time you need to make the right move without worrying about the urgency of finding somewhere to store your things. Another great thing about a portable moving and storage container is that you only need to load and unload once. Everything can be stored in the same container it is moved. If you are looking for flexible options to store your belongings, use a U-Box® container.

Self Delivery with U-Box Containers
Store It at a U-Haul Location

You can choose to store the box at a neighborhood U-Haul location. Here you can rely on the security and expertise of the U-Haul brand to protect your belongings. With this option, you can also access your container should you need to get items out of it while it is being stored.

Store It at Your House

If you want to move in slowly, you may choose to store the U-Box container at your home. This will allow you easy, everyday access to bring items in at your own pace. If you are renovating a new home, a portable container is a great option. You can unpack rooms that are complete and store items from the areas still in construction. Keep your items safe and secure in your container while you get settled.

Completed Move

Sometimes people are unable to drive a moving truck or choose not to drive their belongings to their new home. If you fit into this category you can choose to only use U-Box® containers to ship your belongings to your new home. To make it convenient for you, you can choose between two options to complete your move. To make your move even more convenient add Moving Help Providers® to your order and they will help you unload.

Unload and Return

Once you have arrived at your new home you can unload and unpack. When finished unpacking, tow the U-Box® Portable Moving Container on the specially built trailer to the designated U-Haul location and return the container. This is a great option if you selected the self-delivery method and have a vehicle with a hitch.

MovingHelp and U-Box ContainersUnload and Have It Picked Up

You know you will be exhausted at the end of moving day. Use the home delivery/pickup option so you can have the container picked up from your home. Again, use Moving Help® to unload your U-Box container when you arrive so you do not need to do the heavy lifting.

U-Box® Portable Moving and Storage Containers make moving modern by offering options for everyone. U-Haul offers the program and they have been moving people for over 70 years so you know it can be trusted. Try it out on your next move and leave yourself several options at the end of your moving day.

Have you used a portable moving or storage container? What did you like about it?  Share in the comments.


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